World Class Honda Car Parts Sold By Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

Honda customers are amongrepparttar most satisfied inrepparttar 136580 car industry as revealed this week inrepparttar 136581 latest J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Customer Satisfaction Study published inrepparttar 136582 June edition of What Car. Achieving high customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and we are firmly committed to enhancingrepparttar 136583 customer experience,” says Honda (UK)’s Customer Insight Manager, Jane Nichols. “To this end,repparttar 136584 J.D. Power and Associates Study is an important measuring tool, enabling us quickly to identifyrepparttar 136585 things that really matter torepparttar 136586 customer. We are greatly encouraged by our success, especially since this year’s study reflects steps we have recently taken to reduce ownership costs.”

Now, findingrepparttar 136587 right Honda car parts is easier and faster. You simply can't go wrong withrepparttar 136588 safe and reliable Honda car parts from Parts train. Parts train has a wide array of Honda car parts from headlights, filters, hoses, belts, condensers, catalytic converters, transmissions, engine parts, Honda Altezza lights, radiators, suspension, chassis parts, interior parts & accessories, and just about everything you might need for your Honda vehicle.

Airbag SDM ' Black Box ' Crash Data Retrieval Information for GM Cars

Written by Jenny McLane

The benefit of retrieving data from flight data recorder usingrepparttar Black Box was only available to airlines for many years. This invaluable instrument, which helps determine what happened inrepparttar 136579 critical time before a crash, is now available as Airbag SDM crash data retrieval system on GM cars.

In response torepparttar 136580 call ofrepparttar 136581 National Transport and Safety Board (NTSB) in 1997 that vehicle manufacturers andrepparttar 136582 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration team up to gather information on vehicle crashes using on board collision sensing and recording devices, General Motors expandedrepparttar 136583 data downloaded to permanent memory inrepparttar 136584 air bag sensing and diagnostic module at deployment or in a near deployment collision.

The capability to record pre-crash data has since expanded with time and technological advancement. General Motor's Vetronix crash data retrieval tool (CDR) collects vehicle crash data viarepparttar 136585 air bag system SDM.

General motors together with Vetronix Corporation developedrepparttar 136586 Vetronix CDR System, which downloadsrepparttar 136587 data stored in recordable airbag modules.

Software, hardware and interface cables allow recorded data such as Delta V, driver seat belt usage and pre-impact data to be downloaded to commonly used computers in easy to read format. Interface cables that connect directly torepparttar 136588 airbag module are available for vehicles that cannot be powered up after a crash.

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