World Ascension

Written by Theresa Chaze


Ascension is a two-fold process. In order for a species to fully joinrepparttar spiritual realms, ascension must happen both on an individual level and forrepparttar 122117 whole society in which it lives. The spiritual and evolutionary processes are permanently connected. You can not climbrepparttar 122118 spiritual ladder untilrepparttar 122119 physical body has been prepared to acceptrepparttar 122120 increased bioelectrical impulses. The physical mutations happen over generations as souls chose parents whose genetics will allow them to progress. As more souls become aware ofrepparttar 122121 process, they become more discriminating of where they shall incarnate. Therefore, creating an impropriate grouping of higher developed souls in certain regions, while others have a disproportioned ofrepparttar 122122 underdeveloped souls. This imbalance is causing many ofrepparttar 122123 current social, economic, and cultural problems, which have created fear, hatred and violence. The ascension process is best related torepparttar 122124 Eastern theories of Chakras. There are seven main chakras. The first is located atrepparttar 122125 base ofrepparttar 122126 spine. It isrepparttar 122127 center ofrepparttar 122128 survival instinct--the inborn need to fight or flight. It is characterized byrepparttar 122129 fear ofrepparttar 122130 unknown. Its energy is seen primarily as red. The second chakra isrepparttar 122131 need to create, whether it is to perpetuaterepparttar 122132 species or in higher developed souls to investigate new ideas, create works of art, and to challengerepparttar 122133 known knowledge. Its location is two inches belowrepparttar 122134 belly button. Its energy pattern is seen as orange. The third chakra isrepparttar 122135 power center ofrepparttar 122136 individual. It is whererepparttar 122137 individuals self worth and self-determination blossoms. Yellow is it energy color. The fourth chakra isrepparttar 122138 heart. It isrepparttar 122139 connecting point betweenrepparttar 122140 lower and higher trines. Whereasrepparttar 122141 three lower are primarily concerned with survival,repparttar 122142 upper three work on a more ethereal level. The heart isrepparttar 122143 cross over point. Whenrepparttar 122144 soul reaches this level of development,repparttar 122145 physical aspects of life where they are person or society generated become less important thanrepparttar 122146 needs ofrepparttar 122147 species as a whole. Fear ofrepparttar 122148 unknown falls away asrepparttar 122149 curiosity and need for wisdom becomesrepparttar 122150 new focal point. This chakra’s energy is seen as green. The fifth chakra is also known asrepparttar 122151 throat chakra. It isrepparttar 122152 beginning of personal truths andrepparttar 122153 courage to speak them. Its energy signature is blue. Purple isrepparttar 122154 color ofrepparttar 122155 sixth chakra, which is also known asrepparttar 122156 third eye. It is located onrepparttar 122157 brow betweenrepparttar 122158 eyes. It isrepparttar 122159 ability to look beyond personal needs and desires for a way to spiritually upliftrepparttar 122160 whole. The crown chakra is located atrepparttar 122161 top ofrepparttar 122162 head. Its energy is white. It is at this pointrepparttar 122163 person connects directly with her/his soul and has access torepparttar 122164 infinite wisdom ofrepparttar 122165 universes. This is a brief description ofrepparttar 122166 individual ascension process. It is separate fromrepparttar 122167 whole, yet it is paramount torepparttar 122168 evolution ofrepparttar 122169 species. The ascension of a species followsrepparttar 122170 same procedures, howeverrepparttar 122171 probability curve for failure is higher withrepparttar 122172 likely hood of increased set backs due torepparttar 122173 inability ofrepparttar 122174 majority ofrepparttar 122175 group to rise beyond their fear ofrepparttar 122176 unknown. Whereasrepparttar 122177 law of free will givesrepparttar 122178 individualrepparttar 122179 right not to accept change, it is alsorepparttar 122180 main cause forrepparttar 122181 slow progress ofrepparttar 122182 ascension forrepparttar 122183 whole. In order to proceed,repparttar 122184 bioelectrical changes need to be disbursed evenly amongrepparttar 122185 people to insurerepparttar 122186 genetic ability to rise aboverepparttar 122187 fear level. However,repparttar 122188 transmutation process must be handled with great care. If it proceeds to quickly or under duress,repparttar 122189 fear factor will rise andrepparttar 122190 opposite effect will occur. Only by stabilizingrepparttar 122191 current culture factors and allowingrepparttar 122192 natives to grow naturally out ofrepparttar 122193 fear willrepparttar 122194 general population be able to advance. There is not one set formula to insurerepparttar 122195 success of this project. Each situation and individual must be carefully considered forrepparttar 122196 specific needs. Only by slow deliberation, with patient consideration, willrepparttar 122197 ascension advancement occur. The maturation process ofrepparttar 122198 individual isrepparttar 122199 key torepparttar 122200 general ascension ofrepparttar 122201 whole. Only by supportingrepparttar 122202 one willrepparttar 122203 whole find stabilization andrepparttar 122204 ability to grow beyondrepparttar 122205 fear factor. Whilerepparttar 122206 general ascension process has been frequently stalled and pushed into regression,repparttar 122207 individual, who have succeeded in their spiritual growth, have maintained their achievements, thereby makingrepparttar 122208 forward progress more accessible. These individuals are examples of what may be achieved and by their mere existence fightrepparttar 122209 fear factor. They arerepparttar 122210 guides and signposts their companions need to follow onrepparttar 122211 ascension path out ofrepparttar 122212 valley of fear intorepparttar 122213 security of love and wisdom. Only by increasing this number if enlightened souls mayrepparttar 122214 ascension ofrepparttar 122215 whole be insured. Onrepparttar 122216 physical level,repparttar 122217 process can move forward more rapidly and with little or no regression. Once genetic adaptations have been introduced, they are relatively permanent. Limited by size and physical build,repparttar 122218 Stone Age individual had limited motion and comprehension of her/his environment. This could be consideredrepparttar 122219 first chakra physical stage of development. The primary concern was food, shelter, and security. Oncerepparttar 122220 individuals began to develop communities, which grew its own food, established order and claimed turf,repparttar 122221 second chakra development was achieved. The third level isrepparttar 122222 blossoming ofrepparttar 122223 individual. It is at this stage of development thatrepparttar 122224 personal needs, desires, and creativity begins to blossom. Individuals set goals for themselves and strove to meet them. Betweenrepparttar 122225 third and fourth chakra, developmental growth suddenly shifts fromrepparttar 122226 physical torepparttar 122227 emotional and intellectual. The cognitive abilities ofrepparttar 122228 brain develop asrepparttar 122229 body is called on to use less instinctive and more abstract thought. Reachingrepparttar 122230 fourth chakra,repparttar 122231 body has maderepparttar 122232 bioelectrical connections, which makesrepparttar 122233 brain capable of fourth dimensional thinking. The ability ofrepparttar 122234 brain to transmit and tolerate higher energy levels makes abstract thought and concepts possible. The fifth chakra opens uprepparttar 122235 souls need to share and redefinerepparttar 122236 new thinking processes, therefore creating dialogues with others which stimulatesrepparttar 122237 neurons to higher, more defined synaptic activity. The last two evolutionary developments increase communication betweenrepparttar 122238 hemispheres ofrepparttar 122239 brain, allowingrepparttar 122240 creative, instinctive, and intellectual aspects to combine, which increasesrepparttar 122241 brains capacity to more rapidly understand theoretical concepts.

Universal Meaning of Celtic Knotwork

Written by Marc Choyt

Inrepparttar spring of 2003, I spent three weeks inrepparttar 122116 city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras, located in Southern India. Each morning, walking beforerepparttar 122117 heat ofrepparttar 122118 day, I was amazed to see intricate knot work patterns drawn out free hand with flour in front ofrepparttar 122119 driveways and gates of homes. These artistic scrolls, I was told by an Indian friend, were offerings to local gods, and were part of a tradition that stretched back intorepparttar 122120 ancient past.

I have seen knot patterns in my travels throughout many parts ofrepparttar 122121 world. In Islamic countries where iconography is prohibited,repparttar 122122 mosques are heavily decorated with knot-like patterns. Stone-carved knot work motifs can be found on ruins fromrepparttar 122123 Americas torepparttar 122124 Hindu iconography of Bali, Indonesia. In Tibet,repparttar 122125 “eternal knot” is a common symbol representingrepparttar 122126 endless cycles of existence.

The knot work most familiar inrepparttar 122127 West is from Celtic iconography. Thoughrepparttar 122128 Celts, beforerepparttar 122129 Roman Empire, were spread throughout much of Western Europe, we’re most familiar with their designs remaining today in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Onrepparttar 122130 moors, surrounded by winding rock walls and ancient neolithic bridges, this knot work carved in stone transcends time. We know fromrepparttar 122131 writings ofrepparttar 122132 Romans thatrepparttar 122133 Celts believed strongly inrepparttar 122134 sacredness of place. Similar torepparttar 122135 beliefs of many in South India today,repparttar 122136 land anchored a particular god or goddess that was meant to be honored, though we do not know whetherrepparttar 122137 knot work designs were made as offerings.

The broad spectrum of knot work designs found in many cultures suggests thatrepparttar 122138 motif is both universal and rooted in ancient mystery. Fromrepparttar 122139 most general perspective, knot work iconography can be viewed as a metaphor for our own unique tapestry of experience. On a macrocosmic level,repparttar 122140 knots express metaphorically that life on earth is deeply interconnected, as illustrated inrepparttar 122141 Spider Women’s web orrepparttar 122142 Great Hoop of Life in Native American stories. As one Native woman told me, if you move a pebble on top of a mountain, you can changerepparttar 122143 course of a mighty river. This is also expressed slightly differently inrepparttar 122144 Biblical aphorism, “We reap what we sow,” which is similar torepparttar 122145 Eastern understanding of karma. Even physics today speaks of a “unified field.”

Yet it is also true that individual elements of knots hold specific meaning fromrepparttar 122146 perspective of sacred geometry. Look around you at different geometric forms. Why isrepparttar 122147 earth, our eyes,repparttar 122148 trunks of trees circular instead of square? How doesrepparttar 122149 circle function inrepparttar 122150 world versesrepparttar 122151 triangle and what does that mean in terms of knot work that uses circular patterns? Here are a few hints to help you with these blueprints.

We speak of a circle of friends and live in circular cycles, such asrepparttar 122152 day andrepparttar 122153 season. Native cultures throughoutrepparttar 122154 world hold ceremonies in protective circles. A knot work pattern with circles or variations of circles certainly has some important keys to relationships and community.

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