Workplace Security and Corporate Responsibility

Written by Felix P. Nater

1. The Security Consultant's Perspective...

Workplace violence is a reality whether it happens atrepparttar warehouse, plant, parking lot, hospital or treatment center, and office or while sitting in your car taking notes. It should not be swept underrepparttar 105874 carpet. The average out of court civil suit settlement is inrepparttar 105875 range of $300,000 to $500,000; jury rendered verdicts awarding $1 Million dollars plus. A clear reporting system should be implemented and all employees should be trained and encouraged to report all incident

Training and Security Awareness makes good sense. While all supervisors and managers should receive some form of orientation on Threat Assessment and Risk Management all employees should receive training also. Key torepparttar 105876 fair and equitable determination of an incident is total analysis of available information aboutrepparttar 105877 participants,repparttar 105878 incident andrepparttar 105879 environment. Knowledge of how to conduct a fact-finding investigation should be part ofrepparttar 105880 Threat Assessment Training for supervisors in determination ofrepparttar 105881 type of disciplinary action or deciding criminal prosecution. Companies wishing to gain a perspective of their workplace violence potential risks should begin with a security survey of all employees and environment. Training to assist employees in identifying warning signs of workplace violence and what steps to take to de-escalate incidents before eruption is next. Essential to a good workplace violence prevention program isrepparttar 105882 policy andrepparttar 105883 plan to deal with incidents. Unfortunately, some companies have paid little to no attention torepparttar 105884 implementation of asecurity policy and plans because, "We don't have a security problem here".

2. Are we really safe...

Linda Lockwood, PhD, Metropolitan State College of Denver says that workplace violence is obviously a serious problem that must be better understood in order to prevent its occurrence. Its cost to our society is measured in terms of dollars and human life. For instance, it'srepparttar 105885 second greatest cause of death inrepparttar 105886 workplace for men andrepparttar 105887 first greatest cause of death for women (E. Gonzalez, Confronting workplace violence psychologist traces everyday causes, Rocky Mountain News, October, 1999). Recent headlines underscorerepparttar 105888 reality that workplace violence is a phenomenon, which affects every institution and workplace, and thatrepparttar 105889 perpetrator is a microcosum of our society.

Nevertheless, we must guard against potential acts of violence by doing something; being aware, holdingrepparttar 105890 participants accountable and providing support services. Employee security checklist and opinion surveys are essential tools available torepparttar 105891 security consultant to assist inrepparttar 105892 assessment and evaluation process. They will tell you that lights inrepparttar 105893 parking lot are not working, that they feel insecure visiting clients or patients alone or that a reduced hospital staff on weekends leavesrepparttar 105894 hospital security short of staff. Preparation will help to minimize injury andrepparttar 105895 risk of fatalities.

3. What studies show...

In addition torepparttar 105896 disgruntled employee which, isrepparttar 105897 greatest security threat torepparttar 105898 workplace orrepparttar 105899 mentally ill worker, business practices also are potential contributors to a hostile workplace. A supervisor aware of a disgruntled employee can't afford to discipline him or her because,repparttar 105900 loss might have an adverse affect on efficiency and performance. Environmental changes to improve security measures are too costly andrepparttar 105901 changes are not needed. While employees are often victims of their jobs, positions and contact withrepparttar 105902 public, job stress and personal distresses are real factors that increaserepparttar 105903 likelihood of workplace violence. A theory ofrepparttar 105904 workplace violence and aggression is that an "individual's cognitive appraisal" of a situation can create more severe affective reactions and potentially aggressive behaviors in situations that may not call for heightened responses". In other words, some people may create a "mountain out of a mole hole", because ofrepparttar 105905 way they unrealistically interpret their situation.

How Much Money would it cost you to regain the use of your computer after a serious virus infection?

Written by Richard Rossbauer

It cost one of our friends a whole lot of money, much aggravation and lost time, lost records, and a major inconvenience to recover fromrepparttar havoc caused byrepparttar 105873 worms and viruses that had infiltrated their computer over a period of many months.

Actually, our friends are like so many other people who use their computers primarily for communicating with family and their friends by email, sharing personal pictures, playing a few games, doing a little research now and then, making airline and hotel reservations, and maybe even balancing their check books.

Surfingrepparttar 105874 internet for them was just a sometime thing, not necessarily a must-do daily routine.

They were aware of computer viruses and had even heard of firewalls. Occasionally, public comments on TV and in newspapers about wide sweeping virus attacks with odd names like ‘MyDoom’, ‘Sasser’, and ‘Bagel’ caught their attention.

After those reported epidemics were no longer news items, they simply put them out of mind, and resumed use ofrepparttar 105875 internet.

When they purchased their computer a few years ago, it came with virus scanning software but not a Firewall program. So, they believed ‘they were protected’!

The general public didn’t really care about Trojan Horse dangers then, because no one was really making an effort to inform them ofrepparttar 105876 insidious efforts of Hackers, spammers, and malcontents who were floodingrepparttar 105877 internet with their poison.

Even today, there are computer users who believe that they don’t need a firewall. They aren’t aware that Firewalls help stop some ofrepparttar 105878 viruses and worms that are hidden in email attachments and other downloaded information.

They aren’t aware ofrepparttar 105879 new strains and variants of worms, adware and other spyware programs that crop up nearly daily, or that there are over 70,000 identified computer viruses.

They aren’t aware because forrepparttar 105880 past few years, their chances of actually being infected by a computer virus were very small, and spyware and adware weren't even discussed inrepparttar 105881 general news media.

Not so any longer!

Some authoritive researchers have determined thatrepparttar 105882 internet is so dangerous today, that an unprotected computer connected torepparttar 105883 internet is likely to become infected within 20 minutes of going on line.

A protected computer today MUST HAVE an up-to-date Firewall program, up-to-date virus scanning software, up dated Spyware scanning software programs, andrepparttar 105884 latest updates fromrepparttar 105885 manufacturers of their web browsers (MicroSoft’s Internet Explorer in particular).

Unfortunately for our friends, they were not aware that their anti-virus program needed to be brought up to date on a regular basis. A few years ago, maybe a monthly update would have saved them from their virus grief.

(Actually, they had never updated their anti-virus program at all).

The safest way today is to use anti-virus and anti-spyware software that can be programmed to download updates automatically fromrepparttar 105886 Software providers themselves.

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