Workplace Security Plan: Does Your Company Have One?

Written by Felix P. Nater

The Consultant's Perspective...

The threat of violence whether it emanates from a disgruntled employee orrepparttar threat of terrorism require both a concerted and an individual response. Terrorism in any form is terrorism. Having been exposed torepparttar 105875 daily taunts, acts of intimidation, verbal threats of bodily harm are as debilitating psychologically asrepparttar 105876 blunt strike orrepparttar 105877 piercing bullet. Vigilance and security awareness makes for a good prescription. In previous writings, I've attempted to draw a correlation betweenrepparttar 105878 disgruntled employee andrepparttar 105879 terrorist from within by suggesting similar patterns of behavior, traits and characteristics coupled with freedom of access and possession ofrepparttar 105880 company’s secrets. My observations clearly implied a volatile ingredient worthy of skeptical assessment.

Following a recent article written by Louis Rovner, Ph.D, entitled “Protecting Your Company from Terrorism Within”, I grew more concerned. So,I interviewed him regardingrepparttar 105881 article. Dr. Rovner is a psychologist in LA who consults to businesses, government agencies and law enforcement agencies, one of a handful of polygraph – psychologist nationwide. He believes thatrepparttar 105882 potential for disaster is at every employer’s doorstep and I agree withrepparttar 105883 assessment. He said, “Thousands of Terrorist callrepparttar 105884 United States home…hundreds of terrorist sleeper cells scattered throughoutrepparttar 105885 U.S. awaiting orders and instructions need to assimilate in order to survive”. What do they do? The thrust of this edition is a testimonial torepparttar 105886 existing synergy between Dr. Rovner and I onrepparttar 105887 topic of workplace security as a legitimate discussion. I believerepparttar 105888 solution torepparttar 105889 minimization of any potential exposure is an aggressive but practical security plan which addressesrepparttar 105890 workplace security issues in greater detail incorporating training and security awareness.

Now I would like to draw that necessary correlation betweenrepparttar 105891 seamless similarities existing betweenrepparttar 105892 “event driven” explosive conduct ofrepparttar 105893 “disgruntled employee” and “the Terrorist from within”. In an investigation I conducted several years ago an otherwise hard working employee with a diagnosed personality disorder was reassigned from his regular duties due to a medical determination. It was to have been a temporary change. However, duringrepparttar 105894 ensuing assignment he was exposed to constant abusive taunting and harassment by co-workers. In response he began retaliating in his own way, initially innocuously and eventually more aggressively. The verbal threats directed at co-workers and supervisors escalated to more hostile conduct. It was clear he was sending a message of his displeasure. While left alone atrepparttar 105895 office computer terminal he began browsingrepparttar 105896 Internet for bomb making sites. He had been engaged in this clandestine operation for several days before a sharp supervisor noticed his strange behavior atrepparttar 105897 terminal. In an effort to protectrepparttar 105898 evidence, he used a ruse to getrepparttar 105899 employee away fromrepparttar 105900 terminal until my arrival. The subsequent interview ofrepparttar 105901 employee disclosed a pattern of hostile retaliatory conduct in response to a lack of confidence in management and his co-workers to protect him fromrepparttar 105902 abuse. His aggression escalated fromrepparttar 105903 verbal torepparttar 105904 near physical as he sought ways to avenge his tormentors.


You Really Safe…? Before we get into a technical discussion aboutrepparttar 105905 potential Terror from within, we need to answer a few questions and remind you thatrepparttar 105906 problem lies well within your ability to manage. Do you know what to look for? Do you have a mechanism to address breeches of safety or security? Are your employees properly screened duringrepparttar 105907 hiring process? Is there a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and Program and lastly, are employees receiving relevant training? If we acknowledge NO to any of these questions we haverepparttar 105908 ability to take corrective action NOW. I know how resource intensiverepparttar 105909 process can be, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Likerepparttar 105910 disgruntled employee who is “event driven”repparttar 105911 Terrorist waits forrepparttar 105912 event. In both cases, they arerepparttar 105913 classic “sleepers” willing to hide their intentions until they are ready to act out. Linda Lockwood, PhD atrepparttar 105914 Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado reminds us that workplace violence is obviously a serious problem that must be better understood in order to prevent its occurrences. I ask that we considerrepparttar 105915 threat from within a bit more seriously by developing your security policy and plans to minimize your exposure.

Workplace Security and Corporate Responsibility

Written by Felix P. Nater

1. The Security Consultant's Perspective...

Workplace violence is a reality whether it happens atrepparttar warehouse, plant, parking lot, hospital or treatment center, and office or while sitting in your car taking notes. It should not be swept underrepparttar 105874 carpet. The average out of court civil suit settlement is inrepparttar 105875 range of $300,000 to $500,000; jury rendered verdicts awarding $1 Million dollars plus. A clear reporting system should be implemented and all employees should be trained and encouraged to report all incident

Training and Security Awareness makes good sense. While all supervisors and managers should receive some form of orientation on Threat Assessment and Risk Management all employees should receive training also. Key torepparttar 105876 fair and equitable determination of an incident is total analysis of available information aboutrepparttar 105877 participants,repparttar 105878 incident andrepparttar 105879 environment. Knowledge of how to conduct a fact-finding investigation should be part ofrepparttar 105880 Threat Assessment Training for supervisors in determination ofrepparttar 105881 type of disciplinary action or deciding criminal prosecution. Companies wishing to gain a perspective of their workplace violence potential risks should begin with a security survey of all employees and environment. Training to assist employees in identifying warning signs of workplace violence and what steps to take to de-escalate incidents before eruption is next. Essential to a good workplace violence prevention program isrepparttar 105882 policy andrepparttar 105883 plan to deal with incidents. Unfortunately, some companies have paid little to no attention torepparttar 105884 implementation of asecurity policy and plans because, "We don't have a security problem here".

2. Are we really safe...

Linda Lockwood, PhD, Metropolitan State College of Denver says that workplace violence is obviously a serious problem that must be better understood in order to prevent its occurrence. Its cost to our society is measured in terms of dollars and human life. For instance, it'srepparttar 105885 second greatest cause of death inrepparttar 105886 workplace for men andrepparttar 105887 first greatest cause of death for women (E. Gonzalez, Confronting workplace violence psychologist traces everyday causes, Rocky Mountain News, October, 1999). Recent headlines underscorerepparttar 105888 reality that workplace violence is a phenomenon, which affects every institution and workplace, and thatrepparttar 105889 perpetrator is a microcosum of our society.

Nevertheless, we must guard against potential acts of violence by doing something; being aware, holdingrepparttar 105890 participants accountable and providing support services. Employee security checklist and opinion surveys are essential tools available torepparttar 105891 security consultant to assist inrepparttar 105892 assessment and evaluation process. They will tell you that lights inrepparttar 105893 parking lot are not working, that they feel insecure visiting clients or patients alone or that a reduced hospital staff on weekends leavesrepparttar 105894 hospital security short of staff. Preparation will help to minimize injury andrepparttar 105895 risk of fatalities.

3. What studies show...

In addition torepparttar 105896 disgruntled employee which, isrepparttar 105897 greatest security threat torepparttar 105898 workplace orrepparttar 105899 mentally ill worker, business practices also are potential contributors to a hostile workplace. A supervisor aware of a disgruntled employee can't afford to discipline him or her because,repparttar 105900 loss might have an adverse affect on efficiency and performance. Environmental changes to improve security measures are too costly andrepparttar 105901 changes are not needed. While employees are often victims of their jobs, positions and contact withrepparttar 105902 public, job stress and personal distresses are real factors that increaserepparttar 105903 likelihood of workplace violence. A theory ofrepparttar 105904 workplace violence and aggression is that an "individual's cognitive appraisal" of a situation can create more severe affective reactions and potentially aggressive behaviors in situations that may not call for heightened responses". In other words, some people may create a "mountain out of a mole hole", because ofrepparttar 105905 way they unrealistically interpret their situation.

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