Working on communication

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Printed materials as a means of communication has become something of a trend, or more like, a necessity. Everything that can be put in writing, has been put into writing. Every word that can be printed has been printed. Even feelings and emotions. This maderepparttar way forrepparttar 149362 creation and evolution of greeting cards.

The tradition of giving and receiving greeting cards dates way back inrepparttar 149363 15th century. Withoutrepparttar 149364 advantage of modern inventions and technologies, they were hand-delivered torepparttar 149365 respective bearers. These practice reached its peak inrepparttar 149366 19th century,repparttar 149367 time it began its popularity. At this time, more and more people started making cards by hand, that eventually lead to companies having to mass produce these cards to keep up withrepparttar 149368 demand.

Inrepparttar 149369 1800ís these cards were decorated with laces and ribbons, most especially in England. Byrepparttar 149370 middle ofrepparttar 149371 same century, these cards began to be made in factories built for that purpose. And byrepparttar 149372 end ofrepparttar 149373 century, they were being made using machines. Pop-up cards were introduced and other things that people could think of that can be made and put in cards.

Greeting cards continued its popularity up torepparttar 149374 modern age, with newer and more styles being created and developed. Mass production of these cards was needed to be able to cope up withrepparttar 149375 demand as these cards were being sent not only given occasions. Creativity in greeting cards has also become a trend and a challenge for printing companies. Styles are developed to better enhance interest and boost their product.

To Build or Not to Build: A Website Cost Analysis

Written by Matthias V. Pupillo

Not having a website for your business cost you more than having one built by a web designer. In every sector of business, there is a competitor that has a website. It may not be flashy or very good, but if they have a website and you do not you loose. A website brings a degree of professionalism to a business in a way that nothing else is able to. A website enables you to charge higher prices thus increasing profits because ofrepparttar professionalism presented. Without a website you must incurrepparttar 149124 added cost of extra sales force. The money made by having a website for your business will always out wayrepparttar 149125 cost of having a website built by a professional web designer.

The business lost to competitors is one ofrepparttar 149126 largest expenses of not having a website. Customers like having 24 hour access to a company. It makes them feel more informed and more secure about their business decisions. Your competitors with websites are stealing customer after customer from you, and doing it for a very low cost. In order to stay competitive your company must reach more customers for less money than your competition. A website is a must have to stop losing money to people who are inrepparttar 149127 same industry.

What isrepparttar 149128 difference between a large law firm and a one person ambulance chaser? Professionalism. The large law firm usually has large libraries, a large staff and large everything. The aura of professionalism makes people willing to pay more torepparttar 149129 large firm. A website givesrepparttar 149130 ambulance chaserrepparttar 149131 ability to presentrepparttar 149132 image of a large, professional firm. A professional website can makerepparttar 149133 difference between people choosing your business or going with your competitors. Thus, evenrepparttar 149134 ambulance chaser, can obtain just as many customers because of a professional website. The lost revenues that an unprofessional looking company has because of their image are a good example of why it cost more not to have a website than is does to build one.

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