Working at Home? Here's 10 Ways to Be More Productiv

Written by Alexandria Brown

Ah, working at home... Visions of leisurely days, conference calls in comfy sweatpants, increased productivity with fewer interruptions. Butrepparttar distinctions between work life and home life soon blur. You really should throw some laundry inrepparttar 118017 wash before you write that proposal. You have an hour before a meeting: Should you balance your books or cleanrepparttar 118018 kitchen? And remember to call that client back right after you emptyrepparttar 118019 cat box.

Welcome torepparttar 118020 real world of working at home: unforeseen distractions, a lack of structured time, and sometimes a perceived loss of identity. But don't give uprepparttar 118021 dream just yet! By putting into place a few simple ideas, you can reap more ofrepparttar 118022 rewards of working at home. Based on my experiences and those of my associates, here are 10 simple ways to help you stay on track.

**1. Separate Your Space**

Keep a separate, distinct work area in your home. (This is especially difficult if you're living and working in a shoebox studio, like I was when I started my business in New York City!) If you don't have a separate room, at least define an area, and know that when you're in it, you're in "work mode." Make sure your roommates and family are aware of this as well.

**2. Structure Your Time**

As your business and personal time mesh, it's more important than ever to structure your day. For example, if you regularly take a walk or go torepparttar 118023 gym, try to do it every day atrepparttar 118024 same time. Value that personal appointment with yourself - even when you're very busy. It will actually help you keep your business on track! I like to get up early and work until noon, then I take a few hours off to enjoy lunch, do some reading, and take my daily jog onrepparttar 118025 beach. Then I'm back at my desk at 4:00 until who knows when!

**3. Outsource All You Can**

When I began my business, I maderepparttar 118026 mistake of acting as my own courier service. I soon learned how much time I was wasting by visiting clients too much just to pick things up and drop them off. Whenever you start thinking, "Well I can do that myself," STOP. Streamline your business, making everything as automatic as possible. Use outside services to stay focused on your *real work*. Get accounts with an overnight delivery service, messenger service, virtual assistant (VA), bookkeeper, etc. Save your energy for your brilliant ideas! : )

**4. Use Technology to Your Advantage**

In-person meetings are very valuable when appropriate, but schedule them sparingly. Try to do most of your business via phone, fax, and e- mail usingrepparttar 118027 best equipment you can afford. For most home-based entrepreneurs, when you're out ofrepparttar 118028 office, you're NOT making money. So it's important that you can communicate flawlessly from where you are. And PLEASE do us all a favor and get separate lines/services for your phone, fax, and Internet! No one likes getting a busy signal.

(BONUS TIP: If your phone company offers voicemail, get it. Not only will your outgoing message sound more professional, but if you're on an important call and don't want to be disturbed, other callers can still leave you a message.)


Written by Alberta Johnson

How many times have you been inrepparttar middle of a major deadline with a business project or assignment, when, all of a sudden, your home office door opens, and it's your child saying "Mommy/Daddy, I'm bored......" ?

You usually just groan and say "Honey, go play with your toys or watch tv...."

Well, sometimes that works and sometimes, you have to stop what you're doing and think of an activity to keep your child busy and out of your hair for awhile.

Children--especially young children--get bored easily. They need a constant string of activities to keep themselves occupied.

One ofrepparttar 118016 more popular activities for children is making art projects. They absolutely love art!

So I'm going to do something special for you and your business. I'm going to share one of my more popular art projects with you. It will give your children a fun activity to do, keeping them occupied for a couple of hours--giving you a chance to finish that business report or project that's due today.




Grade Level:

1st or 2nd Gr.


colored construction papers-3 x 6" in size, in various colors, 12 x 18" black construction paper, glue, scissors, pencils, erasers, zeroxed sheets of animals, scraps for practice drawings

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