Working At Home Isn't For Everybody...

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Working At Home Isn't For Everybody By Dan Reinhold

There is no such thing as working at home.

Really. It doesn't exist. It's not possible. And who are you kidding anyway?

Says who?, you ask?? Just Everybody.

You know in "Everybody says..."

Everybody knows you watch game shows and soap operas all day.

Everybody's sure you can handle this errand. After all,what are you doing that's so important?

Everybody's so glad you're at home...would you watch little Daemon for a few hours?

Everybody gets a good laugh at this "work-at-home" thing, because Everybody will tell you that Everybody has to work for a living. Byrepparttar 134279 way, when are you getting a *real* job?)

Nosirree, no such thing...Instead, there's...Slavery-at-home.

Forget what they say about Lincoln. Who getsrepparttar 134280 grocery list, picks uprepparttar 134281 kids, drops offrepparttar 134282 dry cleaning and prepares a sumptuous meal replete with exquisite delicacies, a breathtaking sensual delight?

Oh, okay...but who opens those cans???

And all atrepparttar 134283 same time, you have those annoying, trivial "work-at-home" details...Scheduling appointments, meeting with clients (on and/or offline!), answering e-mails, processing orders, conducting marketing campaigns, toting barges, lifting bales...

No, my friend, this "work-at-home" fantasy is only a dream. How, in reality, can someone rise inrepparttar 134284 morning and *not* jet off to a forced enclosure where you are carefully guarded and scrutinized by "bosses" and "superiors" who zealously hoardrepparttar 134285 money you earn and pay a position (not you!) what they determine it to be worth.

Can you really make it online ?

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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A good day or (night!!) to all you lovely people out there in cyberspace.Today I am going to talk about finding success onrepparttar 134278 net. For some three years now I have been designing and marketing websites , newsletters and articles.I started out in it as an hobby , but soon realised that I could make a career out of it.It has been a roller-coaster ride so far with it's fair share of ups and downs.Back then when I first started out , I was light-headed and eager to hop onto any program that offered "to make you rich in six weeks with no work".I soon learn'trepparttar 134279 hard way that all that was just a myth.I was even scammed twice onrepparttar 134280 net , falling to some "get rich" scheme which was full of nothing but hype.

Soon after I realise whatrepparttar 134281 internet was about with all those scams and schemes , I started to look forrepparttar 134282 " other side ofrepparttar 134283 net" :repparttar 134284 good side.The part of it where you have to work hard to achieve what you want ,repparttar 134285 part of it where you have to go months or years without success before you finally find it.The internet is not much different fromrepparttar 134286 offline world , only that it is cheaper to go into business and you are open 24/7.

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