Workers Compensation, Understanding It From Your Point Of View

Written by Ben Shar

Here, we will talk about workers compensation from two views. First we will talk about it fromrepparttar view of a person who has been hurt onrepparttar 147117 job. Second, we will talk about it fromrepparttar 147118 aspect ofrepparttar 147119 business owner. In each case, there will be opportunities for people to make mistakes or to knowingly lie and be dishonest. In both of these situations, there will be those that can not be trusted. It is important to know, though, that most ofrepparttar 147120 time, when people get hurt onrepparttar 147121 job it is legit andrepparttar 147122 companies will take care ofrepparttar 147123 problems.

First of all, if you have been involved in a workers compensation claim, or you have been hurt onrepparttar 147124 job and are trying to find out what qualifies as workers compensation, it is important that you find and use a qualified attorney to help you getrepparttar 147125 best out ofrepparttar 147126 situation. The question is always going to be about whether or not you were responsible forrepparttar 147127 problem or if your employer was. To know this, you will need to speak with your lawyer to have them help you findrepparttar 147128 right answers to your position.

The Human Side of Ad Tracking: How to Use Emails to Connect With Your Customers and Find Out Why They Really Bought

Written by Jeff Mulligan

Do you know why people buy from you?

What part of your offer put them overrepparttar edge? Let's face it, you worked for a long time on your sales copy. You created bonuses, designed a guarantee, sweated overrepparttar 147093 benefits and how to communicate them. But which of those factors really connect withrepparttar 147094 buyers? What actually motivatedrepparttar 147095 purchase?

If you knew, you could pump uprepparttar 147096 benefits andrepparttar 147097 parts of your offer that really drive sales. But how can you tell?

Actually, it's very easy. You just ask.

I do it every day and it takes me virtually no time or effort to get unbelievable information. How?

I add a simple email to my autoresponder series immediately after a customer purchases.

Here's what mine says:

Sample Email Request ==================================== Hi {firstname},

It's Jeff here, from CBmall.

I'm doing a bit of market research.

Can you tell me how you found out about CBmall? Was it a Newsletter? Ad? Search engine? Do you remember who referred you?

Or perhaps you were readingrepparttar 147098 10 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money?

And what specifically made you decide to makerepparttar 147099 investment? What wasrepparttar 147100 benefit that put you overrepparttar 147101 edge and turned you into a buyer?

This is important, because soon you will be sending traffic torepparttar 147102 mall and this may helprepparttar 147103 CBmall sales information get better. Which will help you make more money!

Please just reply to this email withrepparttar 147104 answers.

Thanks so much for your help,

Jeff Mulligan ====================================

Every day these emails go out and every day I get valuable information. To me, finding out why people buy is more important than why they don't. (although I try to find that out, too) That's because there are so many reasons a person may not buy, many of which are beyond my control.

But knowing what turns on buyers is a huge benefit to me as I fine tunerepparttar 147105 copy. For example, here are some ofrepparttar 147106 comments I get:

**** The Results Provide Great Customer Insight ****

“I read allrepparttar 147107 info and I likedrepparttar 147108 fact that I did not have to create a web site and a bunch of other stuff. I am new to internet marketing as well as being technically illiterate but I figure I can follow instructions forrepparttar 147109 most part and you offerrepparttar 147110 support I will need.”

“Personalized autoresponder and newsletter.”

“Reason: The eBook, 10 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money, made good marketing sense... Alsorepparttar 147111 products on ClickBank - CBmall are terrific and good sellers....”

“I found your ad at”

“I first heard of CBmall from your newsletter which I subscribed to in December but was not convinced. My next step was to getrepparttar 147112 10 Powerful Ways CBmall makes you money. This made things much clearer. The number of products available is impressive. The targeted traffic that is shared amongst owners is a useful bonus. The guarantee means no risk, which is essential as I am on a small pension.”

**** What You Can Learn ****

OK let's look at this small sample to see what I can learn from it.

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