Workers’ Compensation in Michigan

Written by Mike Mahon

Workers’ Compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that pays medical bills and replaces some lost wages for employees who are injured at work or who have work-related diseases, injuries, or illness. In Michigan workers’ compensation provides medical, income, death and burial benefits.

Even though all employers inrepparttar State of Michigan are legally required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, it doesn’t necessarily meanrepparttar 149148 claims will be handled appropriately.

There are exceptions torepparttar 149149 rule, too. For example, farms and farmers are exempt under Michigan WCA (Workers’ Compensation Act) guidelines. Named partners and officers of partnerships and corporations may also be exempt even though their employees must be covered.

Workers’ compensation is specifically designed to only cover injuries that "arise out of and inrepparttar 149150 course ofrepparttar 149151 employment." In most cases, it is obvious whether or notrepparttar 149152 injury occurred at work. However, there may be occasions when an employee is away fromrepparttar 149153 office on company business and a covered injury occurs. This does not apply to traveling to or from work.

Is Personal Injury A Need Or A Joke!

Written by Mohammad Latif

Has this ever happened to you... You're at home enjoying your meal and you get a knock at your door. "My name is Jack and I'm calling from (company name), have you or your family had an accident inrepparttar last 3 years? If so you could be entitled to personal injury compensation?"

Now for that moment what are you thinking? Are you looking back overrepparttar 149071 last 3 years to see if you or your family have incurred any personal injury? Or are you thinking of slammingrepparttar 149072 door in their face or settingrepparttar 149073 dog on them?

The fact is each one and much more has happened to salespeople who go knocking on peoples' door.

Firstly it's not polite as they're reminding you of your accident which could have been traumatic and secondly another personal injury company has saidrepparttar 149074 same thing they are saying 2 days ago.

So in effect it gets frustrating and over time causes anger and you'll probably take it out on a new recruit who is on their first day at work and you happen to berepparttar 149075 first door.

So what is it? A Joke or a Need?

Personal injury has become a joke! Why? There are so many sales people knocking on doors for personal injury claims. Inrepparttar 149076 beginning everyone was like 'really, can you claim for this' or 'you should go and see this company for your injury'. Nobody was aware what was going on but millions of people were claiming for god knows what! Now overrepparttar 149077 pass few years it upset a few people.

Injured people weren't getting their compensation. They were getting either a small proportion ofrepparttar 149078 compensation or were paying out of their own pockets. In those days as claims were new, you had to believe everything. It was like, 9 month road to riches. But it never really was riches in your pocket however it was for them as they knewrepparttar 149079 game. They made it seem like they were helping you but in fact were helping themselves with your money.

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