Work from home job? Business? How do you decide?

Written by Stephanie Foster

It's a big decision to stay home with your family, rather than continue in a traditional job outsiderepparttar home. There are many choices you must make if you decide to work from home, and many pitfalls to avoid.

The first things to look at are your skills and interests. Working from home is in some ways more difficult than working outsiderepparttar 117178 home (but more fun, since you don't have to leave your children), so do what you love if at all possible.

Next, decide if you are interested in a job or a business. You will need to considerrepparttar 117179 hours you want to work as well. Many jobs need you during traditional business hours; others allow you to work your own. Likewise, many home businesses need regular hours, others, such as party plans, require a great deal of evening and weekend work.

Consider how much money you can invest. If you want a work at home job, you should not have to pay to getrepparttar 117180 job itself, but some do have other investments required. For example, in addition to running my website, I do medical transcription. This required that I get appropriate reference books, and I rent a Dictaphone from my employer. Do not pay to getrepparttar 117181 job under any circumstance. Just remember that you wouldn't pay for a traditional outsiderepparttar 117182 home job. Businesses, onrepparttar 117183 other hand, often require some sort of investment, depending onrepparttar 117184 kind of business. Some may even have monthly costs, such as for websites or supplies. Know what you can afford.

Think about how much interaction with other people you want. If you're not interested in telling everyone you meet about what you do, a business may not be for you, particularly if you have to sell things in person.

Take a look around your home and figure out what you can use for office space. You will need a place you can keep all your business supplies and work in relative peace. Remember, if you take a job taking calls, most employers require that you not have children yelling inrepparttar 117185 background. Even if you can have your kids around, you will get more done in a peaceful environment.

They Didn't Think I Could Earn A Full-Time Income Online, But I Proved Them Wrong

Written by Al Martinovic

When I first attempted to make money online I was so naive just like any newbie. But I learned fromrepparttar school of hard knocks. I learned by trial and error and by just doing.

Inrepparttar 117177 beginning I submitted my site to every search engine underrepparttar 117178 sun. I tried traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, FFA's, safelists, online classified ads etc. and not surprisingly I got zero results. If anything... I was very good at getting sp-ammed.

I wasted weeks and even months of my time with stuff that didn't work. But little by little I started to head inrepparttar 117179 right direction. I dropped allrepparttar 117180 stuff that didn't work and looked for other ways to bring traffic to my site.

I subscribed to a whole bunch of ezines and started posting fr-ee ads. The results weren't great but at least this time I was getting some results. My confidence started to build and I knew I was heading inrepparttar 117181 right direction.

Then I started to spend a little money on my business and used pay per click search engines and things really started to take off for me and my confidence grew more.

Then I started writing articles and press releases and and inrepparttar 117182 middle of all this I would spend time learning how to optimize my site forrepparttar 117183 major search engines to get a high ranking.

The sales started coming in regularly. But I didn't sit back. I wanted to convert more of my visitors into customers.

I added an opt-in form on my site to capture email addresses and set up an autoresponder to automatically follow up with my prospects. Eventually I added an alert box to capture email addresses which really exploded my mail list.

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