Work at Home Solutions for Stay at Home Moms

Written by Fayola Peters

Itís 2004 and asrepparttar years go by, itís getting increasingly difficult for a family to survive on just one income.

With credit card debt, (which if youíre in an average American household you owe about $8000 on all credit cards) ,repparttar 116887 under-saving on 401k plans, and living paycheck to paycheck - parents are recognizingrepparttar 116888 need for an extra income.

What does this mean for you all who want to be a stay at home moms or dads?

Simple, it means that you will need to create that much needed second income by finding work at home at home solutions in order to be stay at home moms or dads.

If you are in this position there are many work at home solutions out there for you. Here are just three for you to consider. Please note thatrepparttar 116889 following suggestions involve you starting your own home business by learning a financially valuable skill.

Become a Freelance Writer Being a supplier of your own written content for specific markets is a valuable skill to have. There are thousands of newspapers, magazines and book publishers inrepparttar 116890 world who accept work from freelance writers and they are more than willing to pay for your work. All you need to do is learn how to write publishable work and also how to present your work to editors. You can learn these writing skills by taking appropriate writing courses.

You can get recommended writing courses at Writerís

How To Brand Your Home Based Web Business

Written by Dan J. Fry

"A coke and a smile!"

I would be willing to bet that just about everyone today recognizes this slogan.

Branding isrepparttar process by which you associate in peoples minds a name, slogan, or logo with a product. Included inrepparttar 116886 association are all ofrepparttar 116887 ideologies for which your business stands for. For instance, suppose you own a publishing company called "The Writer Writes", with a particular type of fountain pen and paper as your logo. You focus all of your efforts only on resources for writers who want to develop a strong literary style writing only about what they know as fact. Over time, your logo and name will automatically conjure up images of a place to go to publish your informative writing. You have "branded" your business. The power is now simply inrepparttar 116888 logo and name. Simply plastering your logo everywhere you can find is advertisement enough.

So, how can you brand your business?

(1) Try giving away free reports and articles. Because everyone is looking for content, and everyone will take something that is free, you really can't lose here. Better yet, this technique is viral, meaning that your articles and reports will frequently be passed from person to person.

(2) Stick with a slogan, logo, and theme. Don't keep changing things around. Remember, branding involves memory. You want people to remember you and your site. Don't make them work for it.

(3) Hold contests for free giveaways. We all live our life to some degree on hope. By holding contest, with no strings attached, people will flock to sign up and atrepparttar 116889 same time will be exposed to your business name and logo.

(4) Target a niche. Pay attention to what type of visitors are arriving at your site. Are they doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, high school students, or other online marketers? This will provide insight into what type of brand you should strive for. The easiest way to brand your business is to narrow your field of view and reach a very specific target that is relatively untouched byrepparttar 116890 competition. This wayrepparttar 116891 only thing that people see is you.

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