Work at Home Job vs. Work at Home Business

Written by Susanne Myers

One way or another you have come torepparttar conclusion thatrepparttar 142149 daily commute to corporate America just isnít going to cut it anymore. Or maybe, you have already been able to stay home with your kids for a while, but now need some extra income.

One way or another, you have decided its about time to become a work at home mom or WAHM.

This is an exciting journey and there are many decisions to make alongrepparttar 142150 way.

One ofrepparttar 142151 first decisions you are going to have to make is whether you would be better off with a work at home job or a work at home business. Either one of them could berepparttar 142152 right fit for you, so letís take a moment to explorerepparttar 142153 advantages as well asrepparttar 142154 disadvantages of each.

Letís start with a work at home job. There are lots of options out there and some ofrepparttar 142155 advantages and disadvantages may not apply to some of them, but in general youíll findrepparttar 142156 following. Hands downrepparttar 142157 greatest advantage of a job is that youíll receive a regular paycheck. If you put 40 hours of work in, you know youíll get paid for those 40 hours. With most WAH Jobs you can also count on getting aboutrepparttar 142158 same amount of hours. It allows you to plan your day and week around your work schedule easily. You do not need any upfront investment. Please stay away from work at home jobs that ask you for any type of fee. They are scams. Donít waist your time and money. The last advantage of a job I would like to mention is that youíll get instant rewards with a job. You work one week, youíll get paidrepparttar 142159 next. No need to keep yourself motivated to keep working. Youíll be rewarded by your paycheck atrepparttar 142160 end ofrepparttar 142161 week.

Now donít run out and get a job quite yet. There is a backside to all this as well. You will still have a boss that tells you what to do. You can also lose a job on a moments notice. You are not building any residual income that would allow you to slow down after you put some time into it. Unless you are putting money into a 401K, you wonít get paid once you stop working. A job also allows you less flexibility. Your boss and colleagues are depending on you work.

This being said, lets move on to a work at home business. Yes, justrepparttar 142162 idea of it seems daunting, but there are thousands of work at home moms, that start profitable businesses every year. With some planning and determination you can dorepparttar 142163 same if you choose to do so. Many of us have grown up in households of jobholders. A business seems to be this scary, risky entity. It really isnít though and there are so many great resources on this site and elsewhere that will guide you alongrepparttar 142164 way. Take a good look atrepparttar 142165 advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business and make a decision onrepparttar 142166 facts and what you think would work best for you and your family. Please do not let fear make this decision for you.

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