Work at Home Business Ideas

Written by J. Stephen Pope

Here are some excellent businesses that you can start, operate and grow from your home. All these work at home businesses haverepparttar following desirable features:

**Low Startup Costs **Ease of Entry **High Income Potential **Home Based and Operated **Worldwide Sales Potential **Residual, Recurring and/or Passive Income Potential

1. Consulting

A consultant is someone expert in a field who, for a fee, advises businesses or individuals on various matters of concern.

Many times we tend to feel that our knowledge, skills or abilities are nothing unique. However, many lack those same assets and would gladly pay us for our knowledge and services.

Although it is possible to make a living from consulting with individuals,repparttar 117738 big money is in performing services for businesses.

Do you have knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting, tax or similar business matters? Some have made excellent money specializing in small business consulting.

Are you a computer hobbyist with business or internet experience? You could make money in web design, internet marketing, search engine optimization, or some other specialty.

Some lawyers have combined their legal experience with their love ofrepparttar 117739 Internet and specialized in intellectual property and computer law.

For further information and resources about consulting, visit:

2. Finding

A finder is someone who, for a fee, finds something needed by a business or individual. A finder's fee isrepparttar 117740 amount paid torepparttar 117741 finder for locating what was required.

Finder's fees are paid for finding money (loans, equipment leasing, et cetera), equipment (mining, construction, et cetera), personnel, companies for sale, locations (fast food franchises, vending machines, et cetera) and just about anything else that people are willing to pay for.

Simply match sellers with buyers and you can earn finder's fees.

For further information and resources about finder's fees, visit:

3. Auctions

An auction is an event where items are sold torepparttar 117742 highest bidders. An internet auction, online auction or e-auction is an auction where you can buy and sell items onrepparttar 117743 Internet.

Many thousands now make their living or fortune from selling products and services on eBay and similar auction sites. So can you!

For further information and resources about auctions, visit:

4. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a method of selling products without stocking inventory yourself. When you make a sale you contactrepparttar 117744 manufacturer or authorized distributor who ships it torepparttar 117745 customer with your invoice and shipping label. Advantages include no warehousing, shipping, or inventory costs.

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Nature's Prescription for Optimal Health and Longevity

Written by Hermine D. Carbo

For further information contact: Hermine D. Carbo 130 Mary Alice Court Union, NJ 07083 Tel: (908) 354-7901

**For immediate release**

“Nature’s prescription for optimal health and longevity”

UNION, NEW JERSEY - August 27, 2001 - One ofrepparttar most important discoveries in biochemistry regarding howrepparttar 117737 body maintains health atrepparttar 117738 cellular level may have been made by a Research and Development Company, who, in 1996 introduced their unique products and subsequently filed for patents.

Glycoscience,repparttar 117739 research about glyconutrients, - foods containing specific sugars that heal - goes back a number of years. The technology is so significant that it is vital for everyone to learn about it simply because it changes lives. These glyconutrients supply THE essential sugars (monosaccharides) that scientists have identified as an absolute requirement for proper cell structure and optimal functioning. Without these nutrients,repparttar 117740 body simply cannot function at its best. The skyrocketing numbers of people suffering or dying from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer is so alarming that change in our traditional healthcare system is inevitable.

I was first introduced to this technology in 1999, at a time when my body still had not entirely “recovered” from an accident that occurred to me 10 years earlier. I got hit by a car, which resulted in injuries torepparttar 117741 spine, head, and internal organs. Having always been healthy up untilrepparttar 117742 time ofrepparttar 117743 accident, I was shocked that I was now prone to colds, infection, gastro-intestinal problems, migraine headaches and chronic backpain, often so severe that I felt as if I was on automatic pilot, barely getting through daily life at home, let alone my work. Constantly living in pain and taking prescription medications that seemed to “suppress” my symptoms rather than resolving them made me feel depressed and disillusioned. I no longer enjoyed my life and felt, instead, that life was just passing me by.

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