"Work Those Affiliate Programs and Make Some Cash!"

Written by Merle

So you've joined your first affiliate/associate program and slapped that big old banner on your site. All you have to do now is sit back and wait forrepparttar bucks to come rolling in. Not so fast there, Bucky...there's a lot more to making money with affiliate programs than that. If your best effort is going to be that banner, don't plan on retiring any day soon.

As with everything else online and off, what you get out of an activity is equal torepparttar 102560 effort you put into it. So if you want to make some serious cash with those programs you're joining, you're going to need to promote them. There are a variety of methods you can use. Here are a few that I've used with success:

My first suggestion to you is to join only those programs that relate torepparttar 102561 theme of your website. Make sure they're a "good fit" with your site and that they pay out "healthy" commissions. A $2.00 bounty is hardly worthrepparttar 102562 work involved to earn it, like:

Weavingrepparttar 102563 URL's throughout your site. Make sure you weave repparttar 102564 URL's throughout your site or devote whole pages to their topic.Don't just use banners, use alternatives like text links within your pages. Banners have become so saturated online that a lot of folks tend to ignore them,not to mentionrepparttar 102565 extra weight they add to your pages.

Most programs you join will give you a variety of ads to use in your promotion efforts, but for best results you really should be creative and write some of your own. All too often I seerepparttar 102566 same old advertisement repeated over and over online until I want to scream. A little creativity stressingrepparttar 102567 benefits of your product will take you a lot farther then canned ads that 10,000 other affiliates are using.

The Truth About Affiliate Commissions

Written by David McKenzie

How can you boost your affiliate commissions?

Scenario: You participate in one or many affiliate programs. You get plenty of hits. Your conversion ratio is about 2% (which is good) and yet you're only making $42.80 per month. It's nothing to shout about.

Consider this: If you put just as much time and effort into marketing each affiliate program, then receiving affiliate commissions of $5 per order is much better than receiving affiliate commissions of $1 per order. It costs you just as much in your own time yet you make 5 times as much.

Why join affiliate programs that sell products or services with such low affiliate commissions? For a reasonable return you will need extremely high volume. How about earning $65 per sale? Or perhaps even $100 per sale?

I hear you say that it is difficult to get many sales of this size - but even if you only got 5 sales per month from a $100 affiliate commission that would be $6,000 per year from just one program. Compare that torepparttar $1 commission per affiliate program. You would have to sell 500 items per month and 6,000 per year. On a sales ratio of 2% this would mean you would have to get 300,000 visitors per annum or 25,000 visitors per month. That is very hard!

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