Wonder Food For Women!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

The humble soybean boasts some extraordinary benefits. This nutritional powerhouse has stayed under wraps for too long. Apart from beingrepparttar only vegetable protein with all 20 amino acids essential for our health and well being,repparttar 131406 humble soybean has many other virtues...including an excellent foundation for fast, safe weight loss program.

According to Dr David Heber in "The LA Shape Diet", women who are on a weight loss program need about 100 grams of protein per day to fight against hunger and to build their best personal lean muscle shape whilst still losing weight. Withoutrepparttar 131407 appropriate level of protein in a low calorie diet, people and women in particular, risk losing 1 pound of muscle for every 4 pounds of weight lost! This potential muscle loss can be very dangerous as it can cause a weakening ofrepparttar 131408 heart and other vital organs.

Dr Heber recommends soy-protein shakes or soy-protein fruit smoothies as a safe and healthy way to achieve fast and permanent weight loss. Apart from some absolutely wonderful health advantages, soy is a safe protein source - withoutrepparttar 131409 unwanted cholesterol and saturated fats that accompany animal protein sources. Soy will support and does not sabotage a low calorie weight loss program.

Read on to discover some other wonderful health benefits of this incredible this food source.

1. Soy contains health enhancing isoflavones. Isoflavones are compounds found only in plants which have strong antioxidant properties. These compounds repair, and help prevent damage to cells caused by pollution, sunlight, and normal body processes. Free radicals can easily cause harm torepparttar 131410 immune system, whose cells divide often. They may also be responsible for some ofrepparttar 131411 changes of aging.

2. Reduce risk of heart disease. Soy's protein and isoflavones lower LDL cholesterol and decrease blood clotting, which reducesrepparttar 131412 risk of heart attack and stroke. In one study, people who drank a "milk shake" containing 25g of soy protein for nine weeks experienced, on average, a 5% reduction in LDL cholesterol. And people withrepparttar 131413 highest LDL levels experienced a 11% drop. (For each 10% to 15% drop inrepparttar 131414 LDL level,repparttar 131415 risk of a heart attack decreases 20% to 25%).

Six Ways to Eat More Healthfully

Written by Kim Beardsmore

(c) Copyright Kim Beardsmore

With so much 'diet advice' around today it is little wonder if you feel somewhat confused. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, maintain your weight or help your family eat more healthfully....these six, simple ideas will help you to eat more heathfully.

1 Stay away fromrepparttar inside aisles When you grocery shop, fill up your trolley fromrepparttar 131404 aisles aroundrepparttar 131405 outsiderepparttar 131406 perimeter ofrepparttar 131407 store. This is whererepparttar 131408 fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh foods are kept.

2 Eat small amounts frequently Don't allow yourself to get hungry. Keep your appetite in control with smaller meals and healthy snacks in between.

3 Keep close to nature Fresh is best and generally much better for you than pre-packaged. For example, a fresh potato baked in its jacket is more healthy than pre-packaged "potato au gratin".

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