Women are always looking to save money when they shop

Written by Jacqueline Biles - New York Shopping Mall

How many times have you heardrepparttar word sale, and thought I wonder what is on sale? What store? How can I save money? Well, I haverepparttar 143816 answer for you ! Would you like to receive a discount every time you shop? Not just once in awhile but EACH TIME you choose to shop. New York Shopping Mall offers cash back every single time you shop! We have many products from clothing, perfume, candles, windchimes, shoes, sneakers, toys, electronics, toys, and much more.

Why add "fillers" to mineral make-up?

Written by Aleta Wells

Checkrepparttar list of ingredients on your mineral make-up. Is it full of additives that you can barely pronounce? What do these additves do? Are they necessary? Many times, no, they are not. Lipids/oils can clog pores, and also creates a ready breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Oils frequently turn rancid without preservatives added, causing a different set of problems. Many popular brands add in vitamins and minerals. These can cause break-outs in sensitve individuals. Many brands also contain food-grade additives, like rice powder, or corn starch, which completely negatesrepparttar 143784 whole "non-organic mineral" claims. If your mineral make-up has these additives,repparttar 143785 possibility of contamination exists.

The whole point of mineral powder make-up is its' purity. Pure iron oxides, mica, zinc (very soothing to inflamed skin contions), and titanium oxide, are pigments fromrepparttar 143786 earth, and are not able to grow bacteria, yeasts, molds, or other undesirable elements. They lie on top of your skin in thin, over-lapping "sheets", that allow your skin to "breathe". Even if you perspire, or go swimming,repparttar 143787 adherance torepparttar 143788 skin is such that it is resistant to streaking, or running. It is water-resistant, and a natural sun-screen of about 18-25, depending on your coverage.

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