Women Tee Off!

Written by Marsha Maung

The common tee (formerly known as t-shirts) has come a long way. The tee were usually made for only men…but now, with technology and broadening of creativity (and minds), more women are seen donningrepparttar common tee to special events and even formal functions.

Some women would rather not be seen out in public in a tee, and would only wear their tee at home, but with added finesse, creativity, and uniqueness torepparttar 135991 tees that can be found inrepparttar 135992 market these days, whyrepparttar 135993 hell not? Not only are they comfortable, but you can actually get a fashionable one that suits your style. If you team it up with a fab looking cardigan or a cool skirt, your tee can take you a long, long, LLLOOONNNNGGGGG way!

The demand for fashionable tees has takenrepparttar 135994 industry to new heights overrepparttar 135995 last couple of years. Women are not longer required to make a decision between price or quality. Now, tees are widely available all overrepparttar 135996 place, including online e-commerce stores at low prices and made of high quality fabric. Yes,repparttar 135997 cost price of a tee is low and that is why consumers know that they are getting an incredible value for a good tee at a reasonable pricing.

The key to buying a high quality tee is to make sure thatrepparttar 135998 tee is made of innovative and premium fabric. The design (print or sewing) needs to be stylish, personal and unique in every sense ofrepparttar 135999 word. If not,repparttar 136000 tee is going to look like something you just dragged out of your husband’s closet! For fashion conscious folks, this is probably not a good idea.

The tee shirt market is more than happy to provide and manufacture more fashion tees for women because it gives them a better range of products to sell. For instance, there’srepparttar 136001 low v-neck tee,repparttar 136002 body-hugging tee,repparttar 136003 baby tee,repparttar 136004 raglan tee,repparttar 136005 capped sleeves tee,repparttar 136006 women’s baseball tee,repparttar 136007 common tee….andrepparttar 136008 number of different tee shirts thatrepparttar 136009 companies can come up with is limitless! Well, limited only byrepparttar 136010 creativity and minds ofrepparttar 136011 tee designers, of course.

The options of women’s tee does not only come inrepparttar 136012 form of different designs. In fact, some tee shirt manufacturers are doing cartwheels all aroundrepparttar 136013 office block because they can experiment and try outrepparttar 136014 tee designs with different weight options, colors, texture, ribs, hemp, pique, ottoman….etc to fitrepparttar 136015 various ages of women. But when it comes to women’s tee,repparttar 136016 King of Tee is none other thanrepparttar 136017 famous cotton. It’s comfortable, it’s flexible, it’s affordable and it comes in many different varieties as well. To top it all offrepparttar 136018 cotton tee is rather tough and can lastrepparttar 136019 wearer a long time. In fact, cotton tees are a favorite among men and babies as well.

Because the Girls are Naked!

Written by Arthur Zulu

When I go torepparttar beach to feed my eyes withrepparttar 135950 wonders of creation, I cannot look closely becauserepparttar 135951 girls are naked.

When I sit in a dance concert to watchrepparttar 135952 dancers and lift my soul fromrepparttar 135953 sorrows of life, I cannot look closely becauserepparttar 135954 girls are naked.

When I attend an award night to watchrepparttar 135955 megastars and chart my course to stardom, I cannot look closely becauserepparttar 135956 girls are naked.

And when I walk home desiring to gaze atrepparttar 135957 beautiful faces ofrepparttar 135958 damsels, and blessrepparttar 135959 God of creation, I cannot look closely becauserepparttar 135960 girls are naked.

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