Women Own The Holidays!

Written by Ed Williams

This week weíre gonna get serious and deal with one of lifeís greatest mysteries - why are almost all ofrepparttar gift giving holidays slanted towards women?

I know, I know, this is gonna arouse a little controversy, especially from some of you women out there. And ladies, please donít take thisrepparttar 122003 wrong way - I still love yaĎll as much as ever, but I have to tell it like it is. Bottom line, gift giving holidays are geared towards women receivingrepparttar 122004 majority ofrepparttar 122005 gifts. Itís as simple as that.

Yaíll should know me well enough by now to know that Iím not going to say something like that without being able to back it up. Itís my responsibility as a serious journalist to support my statements with facts. So, in that spirit, hereís a list ofrepparttar 122006 six major gift giving holidays along with where all those gifts seem to be going:

1. Valentineís Day - Is there any couple alive who can honestly say on Valentineís Day that more money was spent onrepparttar 122007 man thanrepparttar 122008 woman? If thereís a couple like that out there, please write me, cause your story would make a full length column in and of itself. We all know, just by what is put on sale on Valentineís Day, that this holiday is slanted towards women. If you donít believe me, kindly tell me many men out there are longing for gifts like flowers, balloons, heart shaped boxes of candy, or edible underwear? Hmmm?

$$$ Advantage: Women.

2. Anniversaries - This is a slam dunk for women. Anniversaries exist solely to pay homage torepparttar 122009 female inrepparttar 122010 relationship. Most times, she gets expensive jewelry, nice clothing items, trips, cars, etc., etc. What doesrepparttar 122011 man typically receive? Usually either a mailbox, some work clothes, or a gift certificate to a store that doesnít exactly sell male oriented items (Victoriaís Secret, for example). In fact, to no manís surprise, this certificate usually ends up being redeemed for items that benefitrepparttar 122012 woman.

$$$ Advantage: Women.

3. Motherís Day - I canít knock this one at all, but obviouslyrepparttar 122013 gifts all go to women on this day. In fact, any man worth his britches loves his mama and should be glad to pony up big on this holiday. I know I wish I could.

Have a Simple, Small, Green Wedding

Written by Debra Lynn Dadd

A wedding is one of life's major rites of passage. It is certainly something to celebrate! Today, wedding books and magazines promote large weddings so that more and more wedding products can be sold. Wedding expenditures run into many thousands of dollars. And after this major outlay of money, most of what is purchased is never used again.

Onrepparttar Spring Equinox 2004, my ex-husband (yes, that's right! my ex-husband!) Larry and I remarried. We had been together for almost seventeen years, and had divorced several years ago when our relationship problems seemed impossible to resolve. But we still loved each other, so we figured out what to do to make things better, and are now happier than ever.

In planning our wedding, we wanted to keep it simple, small, and full of meaning. We wanted a ceremony and celebration that would be easy to prepare for and manage. We wanted an intimate occasion, surrounded by our closest friends who would participate with us inrepparttar 122002 intention of our union. And as we planned our wedding, we usedrepparttar 122003 same guidelines for health andrepparttar 122004 environment that we practice in our daily home life.

Since most books and articles are about planning big weddings, I want to offer some tips on planning another sort of wedding that can be beautiful and meaningful in it's own way.

* Make it your day. Each wedding can and should be a unique expression ofrepparttar 122005 couple getting married. So createrepparttar 122006 day justrepparttar 122007 way you want it, to pleaserepparttar 122008 two of you.

* Chooserepparttar 122009 wedding traditions that are important to you. When it comes right down to it,repparttar 122010 essentials of a wedding arerepparttar 122011 two people to be married,repparttar 122012 minister or justice of repparttar 122013 peace who performsrepparttar 122014 ceremony,repparttar 122015 ceremony itself, andrepparttar 122016 guests who witness it. Everything else is decoration and tradition. Learn about wedding traditions and choose to do those that will make your day special.

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