Women Are Not Aliens

Written by Deborah Willis

One ofrepparttar very worst mistakes a man can make with women is to believe that she's an alien creature of some sort. By this I mean that it's a mistake to view women fromrepparttar 149810 stance that she's an entirely different sort of being in every way possible. This simply is not true. Women are different in many ways, but basically men and women are very similar. Everyone hasrepparttar 149811 same basic needs.

Physical needs, such as food and water, of course, are vital to everyone. We all possessrepparttar 149812 same basic emotional needs as well. We're all human and haverepparttar 149813 desire to be wanted and needed by someone special in our lives. We all haverepparttar 149814 need to be loved and cherished.

Men are taught not to be overly sensitive or show vulnerability else they're labeled as "sissy". That may serve them well onrepparttar 149815 football field, but not inrepparttar 149816 relationship arena. Women adore men who are able to show their soft side to them.

Women like men who are strong and manyly, yet sensitive and caring. Show her you have a heart underneath that tough exterior and she'll love you for it. Go ahead and let your guard down once in a while whenrepparttar 149817 situation is appropriate. It's OK to be a tough guy, but when you're alone with your lady you need to soften up a bit.

If you come across as heartless, she's going to interpret that to mean you are incapable of feeling and experiencing love and she'll write you off as a lost cause. Women possess hormones which cause their emotions to getrepparttar 149818 best of them at times. That's just how it is and she can't change that. Men also possessrepparttar 149819 same hormones in smaller quantities and they're taught early on not to let their emotions getrepparttar 149820 best of them.

Pay Attention!

Written by Deborah Willis

One ofrepparttar biggest complaints women have about men is that they just don't listen. This can cause big problems inrepparttar 149809 relationship. Sure, you may hearrepparttar 149810 words, but are you really absorbing what she is saying? It's a serious mistake not to pay attention or take her words seriously and could meanrepparttar 149811 ultimate failure ofrepparttar 149812 relationship if that bad habit continues.

Women don't just talk to hear their own voices. Most times they're trying to get a point across to you. Listen...I mean really listen to what they're telling you. Granted, sometimes it may seem as if she doesn't have anything of real importance to say, and in your opinion, she's just babbling on about nothing. But you'd better listen anyway.

If your mind is wandering or you interrupt her with a comment about something totally unrelated to what she's talking about, she'll feel you simply don't care about her and this can lead to hurt feelings and resentment on her part. Over time, this can seriously damagerepparttar 149813 relationship or cause its demise. You should never dismiss what a woman has to say as trivial or ignore her. Don't just hearrepparttar 149814 words -- absorb them like a sponge.

Sometimes a woman may feelrepparttar 149815 need to vent her feelings if she's upset or frustrated about something in her life. It may or may not have anything to do with you personally, but you are her sounding board. She'll likely ask you later what you think, so you better be paying attention so your answer makes sense and relates torepparttar 149816 subject at hand. If you've been tuning her out, your inattention will likely anger her, cause hurt feelings and resentment, and make her feel unimportant to you.

Show her you're interested in what she has to say. Ask her pertinent questions and listen to her answers. Sympathize with her and show her you understand how she's feeling. To maintain a strong relationship with her, you must be her best friend and allow her to feel free to communicate with you about anything. Women are more verbal than men. She needs to know you care enough about her to listen when she speaks.

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