Women, Retirement and Social Security

Written by Doris Dobkins

Which ofrepparttar following are reasons that Social Security is especially important to women:

a) Women are less likely to have pensions when they retire. b) Women live longer than men, increasing chances of outliving their assets. c) Women have average lower lifetime earnings because of pay-inequity and time out ofrepparttar 131147 work force to care for family. d) All ofrepparttar 131148 above.

The answer is d) all ofrepparttar 131149 above.

Women are living well intorepparttar 131150 eighties and many will spend more years in retirement than they ever did working. As you can imagine, this is placing a tremendous strain onrepparttar 131151 Social Security system. One ofrepparttar 131152 best ways to be prepared for retirement is to prepare yourself.

"Forty-two percent of all women over seventy-five are living on less than $13,000 a year, and when Baby-Boom women retire, only an estimated twenty percent of them will be financially secure" according to a special report titled "Why Most Women Can't Afford To Retire" inrepparttar 131153 current issue of Ms. Magazine. It is estimated that only 20% of boomer women (born between 1946 and 1964 will be financially secure in retirement.

Here's some wisdom for women planning for retirement:

1. Statistics show that 80% of women will need to take charge of their own finances at some point in time. It is important for them to fully understand their personal finances and investments. If you don't understand your finances, ask your husband to explain them to you, enroll in a class and your local community college or learning center or check out some financially related books fromrepparttar 131154 library.

2. It's never too soon to get started investing for retirement. The sooner you get started,repparttar 131155 longer you have to let your money work for you. Don't put off saving. Just $25 a week starting at age 35 could add up to $100,000 to your nest egg before retirement. Start now, automaterepparttar 131156 process by havingrepparttar 131157 money automatically deducted from your paycheck before you have a chance to spend or even see it.

Discover THE Most Important Element of Your Web Site

Written by Karon Thackston

There are so many ingredients that go into making a successful Web site. Layout, design, colors, graphics, photos, links and copy (text) are all included inrepparttar mix. Do you know which of these isrepparttar 131145 most important element? Believe it or not, copy!

That's right. Copy is where your attention should fall first when designing a site. There are several reasons why this component requires special consideration. Let's look at three areas copy impacts and discoverrepparttar 131146 true bearing it has on your site and your visitors.

GETS YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS First and foremost,repparttar 131147 copy on your Web site must get your message across torepparttar 131148 visitor. Its function is to provide information and/or sell a product or service, depending onrepparttar 131149 purpose of your site. Photos can show products, but they can't makerepparttar 131150 sale by themselves. Stop and think for a moment. Have you ever purchased anything based solely on a photo? The majority of customers will require details about a product or service before buying. Copy is repparttar 131151 bridge between indecision and purchase.

DRAWS ATTENTION The headlines on your Web site draw more attention thanrepparttar 131152 graphics or photos. Stanford University, in conjunction with The Poynter Institute, recently completed a four-year study that provedrepparttar 131153 importance of text over graphics on Web sites. (See www.poynter.org/eyetrack2000/body.htm) According to this research 'readers of print newspapers looked first atrepparttar 131154 lead art element on a newspaper page and then moved their eyes torepparttar 131155 biggest headline.' However,repparttar 131156 study continues with, 'Web site readers tend to look first and most intently at plain text, passing lightly over photos and images'. Contrary to popular belief,repparttar 131157 copy on your site gets attention fromrepparttar 131158 visitor beforerepparttar 131159 other elements.

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