Women's Golf Equality

Written by James S

Women have been trying for years to be viewed as equal competition for men, especially in sports. Unfortunately, society fails to measure women's abilities onrepparttar same scale as men's abilities. Golf is one of few sports that show great potential for women and men to compete onrepparttar 143248 same level. Recently, there have been many developments inrepparttar 143249 world of women's golf.

Women's golf has been become extremely popular overrepparttar 143250 past few years and there are currently as many professional women golfers as there are men. Golf equipment companies have also recognizedrepparttar 143251 amount of women interested inrepparttar 143252 sport and have customized many pieces of golf equipment including golf clubs, drivers and golf bags to be more comfortable for women. You can also have your own golf equipment custom-made; making golfing more comfortable and efficient for women since men's clubs were often to big. These are just a few ofrepparttar 143253 steps which have been taken to welcome women intorepparttar 143254 world of golf and ensure that they are comfortable and treated as equally as possible.

Women's golf associations such asrepparttar 143255 LPGA have also contributed torepparttar 143256 popularity of women's golf and given womenrepparttar 143257 respect they deserve. Women golfers are now featured in Golf Digest magazine, Golf for Women and a number of other magazines dedicated strictly to women's golf. Videos and TV shows are also contributing torepparttar 143258 popularity of this sport and giving womenrepparttar 143259 "drive" they need to pursue careers in this field.

Home Run Baseball Photography Tips

Written by Andrew Malek

Strike one! Strike two! Strike three!

Baseball! America's Pastime, and a sport growing in popularity throughoutrepparttar world, whererepparttar 143161 Boys of Summer slug it out. A baseball game isrepparttar 143162 perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, plus it provides opportunities to take photos that last a lifetime.

While many claimrepparttar 143163 sport of baseball is a slow-paced affair, when action does occur, it can happen very swiftly, almost too fast for an unskilled photographer to shootrepparttar 143164 photos they desire. Baseballs fly quickly when hit or thrown, and timingrepparttar 143165 action for when to take a digital photograph requires split-second reflexes. Thus, before you plan on taking photos at a baseball game, you may wish to readrepparttar 143166 following advice:

1) First, make sure you are allowed to bring your digital camera torepparttar 143167 baseball game. Some ballparks have no restrictions, others onrepparttar 143168 zoom length, some on using flash, and some may not allow you intorepparttar 143169 baseball game at all with your camera!

2) Change your camera settings to takerepparttar 143170 quickest photographs possible while still providing plenty of light forrepparttar 143171 photograph. You'll need to read your camera's manual on how to change these settings; for example, consider saving photos as JPG instead of RAW to take photos faster.

Just remember thatrepparttar 143172 quickerrepparttar 143173 shutter speed,repparttar 143174 less light entersrepparttar 143175 camera to takerepparttar 143176 picture. Thus, you'll need to compromise picture speed andrepparttar 143177 amount of light to take great photos. That is why baseball games work well with photography - many games are played on sunny days or in well-lit domes or stadiums that allow you to take crisp, high-action photos.

3) Before going to a big league ballpark, make sure you knowrepparttar 143178 rules and nuances ofrepparttar 143179 game. Practice taking photos at a minor-league, college, or high school baseball game. The stakes aren't quite as high if you miss a shot, and taking your camera to a game will give you more insight into when action occurs and when players just stand around.

4) Have extra batteries and digital camera memory handy and practice switching both out quickly beforerepparttar 143180 game! A three and a half hour game can put a tremendous strain on evenrepparttar 143181 most power-miserly camera, and more often than not you will have to switch out power or memory inrepparttar 143182 middle of an inning.

5) Don't worry if you miss a shot! Unless you have tons of digital camera memory, you may not be able to continuously shoot photograph after photograph. If you miss a key pitch,repparttar 143183 swing of a bat, or a forced out, don't get angry! More often than not, new opportunities will arise for great photographs.

6) Studyrepparttar 143184 lineup first. Know who arerepparttar 143185 key players and those who barely know how to swing a bat. Likewise, learn who has loose hands inrepparttar 143186 outfield and who is likely to win a Gold Glove. Focus your attention onrepparttar 143187 stars as they most likely will makerepparttar 143188 best photographs, but don't be so drawn to celebrity that you miss a role player making a crucial steal or diving catch that winsrepparttar 143189 game for their team!

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