Women’s guide: fashion trends for summer 2005

Written by Kenia Morales

If you are like me and many othersrepparttar warm weather motivates you to do or try new things. It even inspires you to pay more attention to your overall appearance. But, before you go shopping I suggest you take a look at this list to see what is in style.

•Cropped pants – If you see pants that are too long to classify inrepparttar 139453 shorts category and too short to qualify asrepparttar 139454 regular long pants those are referred as cropped pants. They fit inches belowrepparttar 139455 knee but, are placed aboverepparttar 139456 ankle.

•Natural hair – Good news for ladies with curly or wavy hair. Curls are in; all you have to do is wash your hairs apply some gel or mousse and blow dry with a diffuser. For define curls utilize hair rollers.

•Color crazy- Bright colors are in for 2005. Some ofrepparttar 139457 most common are kiwi, turquoise, coral, fuchsia, mango, yellow, aqua, melon, violet and many more… Do not ignore some ofrepparttar 139458 regular pastel colors such as light pink. White should always be in your ward robe duringrepparttar 139459 summer season.

•Knee length skirts- They come in all styles from pleated to form fitting.

Finding the Right Prom Dress

Written by Ryan Fyfe

No doubt Prom isrepparttar highlight of any senior’s year. Prom marksrepparttar 139304 end of a long journey. It’s a time to reflect onrepparttar 139305 past, and move on towardsrepparttar 139306 future. With how important Prom is you want to make sure that you haverepparttar 139307 right Prom Dress! Below are some tips that will ensure that your Prom dress is a hit.

Color - Everyone has a different complexion. Some Complexions work well with some colors and some don’t. Things like tanning or dying your hair can help change this but it’s still you. Find a color that works with your complexion not against it.

Size - Buy a dress that fits! Prom is not a time to be cheap and save a little money by purchasing a dress that is a size too big or small. Find a dress that fits your body shape, and that will bring outrepparttar 139308 best in you.

Accessorize - Prom dresses all by themselves can be quite boring at times. It’s amazing though how a simple dress can look with something as simple as a flower or a wrap. Keep finding a dress as first priority and accessories second. You will run into a nightmare if you try to find a dress to match accessories.

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