With The Right Support You Can Reach The Stars

Written by Martin Avis

Everything of any great consequence is built on a strong foundation. The world's most enduring icons of power, prestige, determination and success -repparttar great pyramids at Giza - depend as much onrepparttar 119070 bedrock beneath them as onrepparttar 119071 skill ofrepparttar 119072 stonemasons to survive. So it is with all of us.

Our bedrocks may not be made of granite but they have to be every bit as solid.

"No man [or woman] is an island." Certainly, this truism applies to every successful businessperson. And no businessperson needs a solid bedrock, an efficient network of support, more than one involved in Internet marketing.

Anyone can set up shop online. That'srepparttar 119073 problem. Books, magazines, tapes and videos, 'courses', e-zines and web sites all tell you how easy it is. How you just 'follow these simple steps' and watchrepparttar 119074 dollars flow.

They don't tell you how discouraged you will get whenrepparttar 119075 dollars are only flowing inrepparttar 119076 wrong direction. Or how lonely it can get staring at a computer screen in your spare bedroom for fourteen hours a day. Or how to deal withrepparttar 119077 anxiety of knowing you have to spend money to promote your business, but not being able to afford a mistake.

Every business has downsides and problems, but offline there are often people to turn to for help. Online traders may not be so lucky. Who do they turn to whenrepparttar 119078 'failsafe' strategy they read about fails? Who can they ask 'why?' when nobody buys from their site? Who will hold their hand when they feel as lonely as that long distance runner?

The answer is staring us inrepparttar 119079 face. The Internet isrepparttar 119080 greatest storehouse of human knowledge and experiencerepparttar 119081 world has ever seen. It is also peopled by warm-hearted generous souls from every corner ofrepparttar 119082 globe who are more than happy to share what they know.

Some will know less than you but think they know more.

Where is the Magic?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Entrancement withrepparttar web is epidemic. There are 7 million new pages added daily according to recent statistics. Why?

There is something magical going on here.

The web has taken hard-nosed and jaded venture capitalists in record numbers and sucked their massive bank accounts dry. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

Big business has dumped billions into creating new web tools, web technologies, innovations to allow universal web access in airports, hotels and convention centers. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

People have given up lifelong passions and established careers to get into this new medium in one way or another. I'm one of them and I believe that it is absolutely fascinating, endlessly useful. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

When most new inventions or radical ideas are introduced,repparttar 119069 historical reaction fromrepparttar 119070 "experts" has been derision. Attempts to discredit and attackrepparttar 119071 innovators are common.

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