With Passion, Everyday?

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

"Well, you learn something new everyday." said Mrs. Parker,repparttar neighborhood matriarch. She was looking vacantly out her domain, otherwise known as our neighborhood. She sounded lackadaisical: surely not intrigued byrepparttar 123917 process.

Lily scrunched her nose: Mrs. Parker's expression and demeanor were so opposite torepparttar 123918 statement. Lily found it very exhilarating to imagine and embracerepparttar 123919 new lessons available to each of us daily.

How often have we heard "You learn something new every day"? What have we believed about that statement?

Think for a moment.

Tell me, what did you learn today? How about yesterday? How about on January 16 (or pick any random date)?

Abigail Adams said, "Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."

As people seeking to make a difference inrepparttar 123920 world,repparttar 123921 first place to start learning is within our own lives. Being conscious inrepparttar 123922 realm of learning is simply being alert and awake to allrepparttar 123923 possibilities that surround you daily.

For example, I scanrepparttar 123924 newspaper everyday.

I had an assignment in a class I was taking to readrepparttar 123925 newspaper and find two articles which are especially interesting to me and add them to a scrap book for future reference.

Now when I scanrepparttar 123926 newspaper, I am looking for headlines that light something within me. Sometimes my local paper does not cut it, so I subscribed torepparttar 123927 New York Times Headline email service. Today one of repparttar 123928 articles I chose to study was about bus service in Atlanta.

>From that one article I can do several things to grow my business and positively impact my life.

One, I can take examples directly fromrepparttar 123929 transportation model and speak about this issue with other people. Another is I can discuss both interagency collaboration and cooperation as well as this context for cooperation inrepparttar 123930 private sector as well. I can write articles about either collaboration. I can write about cooperation. I can talk about creating a successful life from projects which appear to be unsuccessful inrepparttar 123931 first place.

At First Glance

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

I admit it. I am a junkie when it comes to learning how to learn. Thinking,repparttar brain, solutions, philosophy. I would rather talk, think, read or listen to these topics than almost any other. I really enjoy applying these concepts to my work, my business, my craft and my relationships.

We went torepparttar 123916 library this week. Emma, at four, has a penchant for Non Fiction. She got a book about Space and a book about Nature. I also slid in "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss because I enjoy reading it and she enjoys listenning.

I also picked up a book by one ofrepparttar 123917 leading authorities inrepparttar 123918 world inrepparttar 123919 field of Creative Thinking. "de Bono's Thinking Course" leaped offrepparttar 123920 shelf and into my hands.

Reading it was like attending a class reunion. The words were so familiar! The language and expression reminded me of what happens whenever I go back to Dana Point and talk to someone who speaks Southern Orange Countese. Somehow I start saying things like "No way!" with that certain almost surferesque lilting quality.

One ofrepparttar 123921 first exercises is called The PMI. A very simple attention directing tool which takes away prejudgement and automatic thinking, it is a tool that can be used in almost any situation be it requesting consideration of an idea at work or deciding upon a restaurant for dinner or assessing where to go to college.

The PMI stands for Plus, Minus and Interesting.

No, I did not say Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons attach judgement whilerepparttar 123922 PMI steers clear of any sort of prejudgement. It simply states what is. In fact, often times one statement can fit in all three categories. The PMI is about looking atrepparttar 123923 question. It is about surveying it for information, for clues, for subtleties. It is not something to get stuck in or bogged down by however.

It is a quick thinking tool that can shift you into balance OR it may show you what is reallyrepparttar 123924 truth.

Today at church I walked right past a bulletin board.

There were pictures on it from last week's skating party. I vaguely remembered a flash bulb in my face, so I around and looked more carefully.

Sure enough, there Sam and I were in all our Skating Party glory. All I could see after crooning over Sam was that I decided my smile lines made me look old. I decided in that moment "YUCK! And that is being seen by everyone who walks by! How humiliating!"

I continued on my walk towardsrepparttar 123925 sanctuary where Sam and I sang and listened and prayed.

After worship I visited with many friends, including Glenda, who has recently joinedrepparttar 123926 ranks of those of us in our fourth decade. Like me, she has several preschoolers. She looked really great so I complimented her newly svelte figure.

We talked and laughed about being forty and wearing flattering suits for our birthdays. She said to me, "I have noticed YOU have seemed more relaxed and content lately." I paused for a moment. We said our "See you laters!"

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