Wise Ways To Build Your Email List

Written by Ronald Gibson

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

Just about every successful Internet Marketer will tell you that, "The money is inrepparttar list". But, how do you go about building a good-sized email list? Here are several wise ways that you can use to start building your own large list of email addresses.


You have to give in order to get. If you want people tooffer up their email address, you`re going to have to offer up an incentive. Nothing works better than something that`s complimentary (you spell that f-r-e-e). You can give away no-cost reports, books, software, or even sample pages of a book.

Wise Way #2 - USE POP-UPS

Pop-ups are one ofrepparttar 139323 most common methods you can use to capture email addresses and build your email list quickly and with ease. Simply construct a web page containing code for a form and setrepparttar 139324 page to open (pop up) when visitors enter or exit your site.

Make surerepparttar 139325 pop-up offer is something that`s valuable enough to motivate visitors to take time to give you their contact information. Your offer can be a complimentary report, download, or ebook that arrives instantly through your autoresponder to their email inbox when they give you their email.

Be cautious when using pop-ups. Most computer users consider them to be annoying. Multiple pop-ups on a site can really turn off a potential customer, so limit yourself to one pop-up per site.


If you have a mailing list that contains snail mail (street) addresses, convert it into an email list by sending out a postcard and inviting people to visit your website to receive a gift of some kind -- a report, a discount coupon, etc. Visitors don`t have to pay in order to receive their gifts, they simply need to enter an email address.

A Word torepparttar 139326 Wise fromrepparttar 139327 U.S. Post Office: Postage is much less expensive for a postcard than a standard-size letter. (Not only are they economical, postcards are more likely to get your message across sincerepparttar 139328 consumer doesn`t have to open an envelope.)

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