Wisconsin bans hunting by Internet

Written by Kevin Doberstein

WI bans hunting by Internet By Kevin Doberstein Copyright 2005

Wisconsin State Assembly passed Bill 179. This bill reads “relating to: being physically in possession of a firearm, bow, or crossbow while hunting captive deer or other captive wild animals. This bill is intended to stoprepparttar surge of Internet hunting in Wisconsin.

A Texas businessman owns a web site that allows people to shoot game animals on his ranch. This is done with specially mounted cameras on rifles. The “hunter” can viewrepparttar 145208 entire process online and tellrepparttar 145209 person holdingrepparttar 145210 rifle to shoot live game on his ranch. He claimsrepparttar 145211 site was intended for disabled people so that they can also enjoy hunting and target shooting.

Generally in Wisconsin, disabled persons are givenrepparttar 145212 opportunity to hunt and enjoyrepparttar 145213 outdoor experience. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources objective is to provide a variety of hunting, fishing, and recreational use permits designed to help people with disabilities enjoyrepparttar 145214 state’s natural resources.

Wisconsin’s Disabled Advisory Council forrepparttar 145215 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has 4 main objectives.

 To adviserepparttar 145216 Department of Natural Resources on matters pertaining torepparttar 145217 accessibility of all department programs and services by physically challenged persons.  To identify and evaluate needs of physically challenged persons and communicate them torepparttar 145218 Department.  To advance research and design, policy and legislative changes to improve accessibility of agency programs and properties.  To communicate with individuals and other organizations and agencies with similar purposes in a collaborative process to improve accessibility

Bush refuses to back down

Written by IndySawmill

Never known to back down from a fight, President Bush is again demonstrating that same non-compromising stubbornness inrepparttar John Bolton U.N. appointment fight.

All of this, even though some conservative senators don't like Bolton and along siderepparttar 144624 democrats, refuse to endrepparttar 144625 filibuster untilrepparttar 144626 Bush administration releases some secret documents.  When asked what it would take to endrepparttar 144627 filibuster, Trent Lott said "...simply forrepparttar 144628 White House to releaserepparttar 144629 documents requested."

What is in these documents that makesrepparttar 144630 Bush administration so reluctant to release them?

Yesterday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan claimed that they have released all ofrepparttar 144631 information THAT THE SENATE REQUIRES. 

"We've continued to make a good-faith effort. The Democrats clearly aren't interested in more information," McClellan said.

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