Wire Jewelry With Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Gemstone Pendants

Written by Bright Builders

"Wire Jewelry" with gold filled and sterling silver; cabochons, cameos and faceted stones including bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings custom handcrafted. Fashion Jewelry uniquely designed for that one-of-a-kind look, durability and satisfaction. Intricate wire sculptured designs in latest contemporary, vintage or traditional styles. graceful and intriguing for that lasting impression. Each piece is carefully put together in my home to essentuate your character and style. No Mass Produced Machine-Made Jewelry only beautiful pieces you won't find anywhere else... or see on anyone else.

Turquoise Pendant

Sculpted Wire Jewelry-Glass Dichroic Pendants

Dichroic Glass Pendants

Shop from home forrepparttar most extensive and affordable selection of appealing unique wire sculpted designs to keep or give.

14K Gold or Sterling Silver;Birthstone, cameo, Cabochon, Dichroic or Gemstone Pendants sculpted for that one-of-a-kind look that suits you and your wardrobe perfectly. Nobody else will have anything like it!

How to generate multiple streams of revenue using Ebay and the internet.

Written by Miriam Potter

Hi ,

Everybody has something to sell and almost everyone is interested in working for themselves.This is fun, combines both and has a very high conversion ratio. I’d love to get you set up inrepparttar program. It’srepparttar 127179 highest paying affiliate program I’ve found, and my steadiest stream of income. It’s one ofrepparttar 127180 oldest business models around; you’re just referring someone and being paid if that person “buys”. In this case all you are doing is offering a free class that they can attend fromrepparttar 127181 comfort of their own computer, atrepparttar 127182 end of that free class they are offered an opportunity to enroll in an advanced training program. You’re paid $700. each time someone enrolls. There’s no selling on your part. On average 1 in 12 who attend this free class will enroll! And it’s not that hard to give out a free class. This free conference gives them 2 hours of excellent info on how to generate multiple streams of income usingrepparttar 127183 Internet withrepparttar 127184 majority ofrepparttar 127185 focus on eBay. The advanced training they offer is a 1 year program of unlimited live training classes, live coaching from power sellers and Internet experts, proprietary software, custom websites, product acquisition help, ect… The company offering these free conferences, with their large referral fees, is Online Auction Academy. We’ve been training people for a little over 2 years and just started this affiliate program for power sellers like you. We’ve done some research onrepparttar 127186 almost 3000 students who’ve gone through training and found a huge percentage were just average eBay buyers before they got involved. Because ofrepparttar 127187 amount of auctions you have up at any given time, andrepparttar 127188 hundreds of buyers looking at your auction descriptions, you’ve got a great opportunity to offer this free class and collect some of those $700. commissions. There are 2 ways you can offer this free class. The first one is to add a line atrepparttar 127189 beginning of each of your auction descriptions that reads something like: “ Learn to sell likerepparttar 127190 pro’s. FREE training conference. Taught “live” fromrepparttar 127191 comfort of your own computer” To enroll please visit my About Me page. Click Here.” On your About Me page there would be a little more description onrepparttar 127192 free class and your “affiliate” tracking link that will allow them to enroll in any upcoming free conference. These are taught live 3 to 4 times each week. The tracking cookie will stay active for 6 months and give yourepparttar 127193 $700. credit any time that person signs up forrepparttar 127194 advanced training. So if they click on your link but decide not to enroll forrepparttar 127195 advanced training until 5 or 6 months downrepparttar 127196 road, you are still given credit. This is a new program, but they already have one power seller who added this to all his auctions, he has about 50-75 up each week, and he has generated 5 sales inrepparttar 127197 last 2 months. He sent me an email last week to say thanks, “Online Auction Academy is now making almost my entire house payment each month just for adding those lines to my auctions”

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