Winter Weight Loss Magic

Written by Stephanie Yeh

WINTER Weight Loss Magic ================================================== If winter hibernation tends to pack onrepparttar pounds, take heart. There are some simple steps you can take this winter to prevent yourself from gaining weight. Even though it’s a “natural” process to put on weight duringrepparttar 131451 winter, it’s not all that pleasant. So check out these simple steps to winter weight loss magic:

>> WEAR RED: The color red is pure fire energy and it will literally melt fat. Add red to your wardrobe. For great weight loss while you sleep, wear red bicycle pants to bed (if you have weight around your belly and butt) or red pajamas. If you start to get too hot or a racing pulse, just wear red duringrepparttar 131452 day.

>> DOWSE: You can use your pendulum to get rid of fat by swinging it clockwise withrepparttar 131453 intention of removingrepparttar 131454 negative thought forms from your body that cause fat. Keep swinging until it stops.

>> BLESS YOUR FOOD: Before you put anything in your mouth, bless it. Thankrepparttar 131455 beings who have made your food possible, and ask thatrepparttar 131456 food to be raised to its highest vibration. Ask that your body retain only what it necessary for you to stay at your ideal weight. You can even hire an angel to increaserepparttar 131457 power of your intention!

South Beach Diet - US vs. World

Written by Laura Ciocan

Diets concern especially Americans as they do have a "national weight problem". So it would only be natural that dieting issues be so over proportioned inrepparttar US. Also, "miracle diet recipes" are very popular and make way rapidly into people's minds. This also happened withrepparttar 131448 South Beach Diet –repparttar 131449 diet that will not only allow you get rid of a lot of weight rapidly without starving but will also help you improve your health condition.

Being so popular, diets have even gainedrepparttar 131450 power of influencingrepparttar 131451 food commerce and industry. If you wonder how, well, food producers that have been educated for a while to flexibly followrepparttar 131452 demands ofrepparttar 131453 market in order to be competitive, came out with their offer of diet-friendly product versions, attracting customers in their yard.

It seems that in countries outsiderepparttar 131454 US, although people have heard ofrepparttar 131455 diet, generally they are not very anxious to give up their eating habits in favor of a not so very well studied diet. Yet, Dr. Agatston's "South Beach Diet" book is said to have been sold to more than 20 countries.

In Canada, low-carbs diets have gained some popularity but not torepparttar 131456 extent they have inrepparttar 131457 US. And this happens only at mass level. The federal department Health Canada will issue new labeling rules and regulations to prevent manufacturers from making low-carb claims for their products, asrepparttar 131458 official opinion is that popular low-carbohydrate diets are nutritionally unsound.

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