Winter Gardening Fun

Written by Ben J. Mann

“Exchanging Plants, Seeds and Flowers for Winter Gardening Fun”

Exciting New Winter Garden Fun!

GardenHere turns grey cold weather months into exciting home gardening fun.  While other gardening enthusiast are waiting for Spring plant and seed catalogs, GardenHere members are busy growing landscape and flower starts in their window sills to trade with other home gardeners aroundrepparttar country.

“Winter can be a really fun time of year for home gardeners,” said Al Stubblefield, designer and owner ofrepparttar 113397 GardenHere Website.  “Many of our members inrepparttar 113398 North root plant cuttings in kitchen glasses to offer in exchange for postage or other plants they would like to acquire. Some members offer to trade flower seeds they harvested earlier inrepparttar 113399 year.

“Even though outside temperatures in my state can easily hit freezing or below this time of year, I have Fuchsia starts and Geraniums in my sunroom window that will be ready for trade in a couple of weeks.  There is still a bucket of Daylily and Iris tubers inrepparttar 113400 garage that I didn’t have time to get inrepparttar 113401 ground this fall.  I’m sure some of our GardenHere members will want them when spring arrives.”

Most gardeners inrepparttar 113402 South never see snow or experience temperatures even close to freezing.  Some garden fanatics inrepparttar 113403 North protect their prize plants in home greenhouses.  Most of these gardeners have too many of some plants and would like to either give a way some of their extra landscape plants and flowers or trade for plant varieties they do not already have.

The GardenHere Internet site makes it easy to exchange plants, seeds and flowers. It takes about 60 seconds to register and membership is free.  After that, home gardeners can place messages inrepparttar 113404 forums offering their extra plants and flowers, or tell other members what they would like in exchange.  It’s all very simple and fun.

Greenhouse Gardening

Written by Matthew Leo

A Greenhouse can extend your growing season by months and allow you to sow seeds and harvest crops much earlier than you normally would. With proper planning, some crops can be harvested continuously. This can turn your gardening and cultivation into a year round activity. A wider variety of plants started from seed. The germination rate will be much higher as well. The amount of sunlight that a greenhouse allows andrepparttar ability to control temperatures will give you a healthier and more productive crop. By starting your crops from seed you can also be assured that your crops are as organic as can be, providedrepparttar 113396 seeds were not treated with fungicide (ask your nursery). A greenhouse can also make it possible for you to grow plants that you normally may not be able to grow at all due to climate. Many citrus and other fruit crops fall into this category.

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