Winter Gardening

Written by Candee Stark

Ok,repparttar title might be a tad bit misleading. I am not suggesting that you actually garden duringrepparttar 113382 winter but you should be using this time to plan your upcoming garden.

As you look out at your yard and garden area duringrepparttar 113383 cold months of winter, let your thoughts run wild and you will be amazed at what images you can conjure up. You might even want to try some of your new found ideas this spring!

1. Pour through garden catalogs, fliprepparttar 113384 pages and fold downrepparttar 113385 corner anytime you find something you like. Go back to it often until you decide what new plants and flowers you would like to try this spring.

2. Purchase a gardening book or magazine. Look at what other people are trying in their gardens and see if their ideas inspire you to try something new.

3. Look out your windows and try to visualize how you would like your yard and garden to look like. Studyrepparttar 113386 sun....noticerepparttar 113387 shady spots.

4. Make a list of what is important to you, in other words, what do you want from your yard and garden? Do you want to create a patio area for entertaining, a vegetable garden so you grow all of your own vegetables, a quiet area for relaxing, or maybe an area that will attract wildlife. Anything is possible but it is important to recognize what you want before you actually start any gardening project. Ultimately, knowing what you want will save time and money!

Chinese Plants

Written by Wong Yee Lee

Chinese Plants

Chinese people value trees and flowers as much as westerners do.

Plum flowers are fragrant and beautiful. They were oncerepparttar national flower. Onrepparttar 113381 RMB50 cents coins you can see plum flowers onrepparttar 113382 side.

Chrysanthemum flowers symbolizes a strong life. It is good to give old people chrysanthemum flowers because it means strong life. However, only red ones would be good because white and light yellow ones are used only at funerals. Lovers do not give chrysanthemum to their loved ones.

Narcissus, lotus flowers and orchid are flowers which represent high virtues and elegance.

Orchid blossoms in spring and it brings an air of high class respectfulness.

Narcissus blossoms in winter. White flowers of five ledals and yellow stamen grow in pure water. It represents a sense of purity.

Lotus flowers grow in pond water. Its roots are edible. Its flowers blossom in summer and are either red or white. The seeds are also edible and are often used as medicine. Almost every part of a lotus plant is useful though it grows in muddy pond water. That is also why it is compared to people who manage to achieve successfully in life though come from a less prestige background.

Azalae flowers represents elegance and wealth. You can find azalea on RMB1 coins. Peach flowers blossom in spring. It represents beautiful girls. In Chinese tradition at Chinese New Year, people who want to find love will usually buy a whole plant and put it home because this will bring them luck in finding love inrepparttar 113383 coming year.

Pomegranate gives very beautiful flowers. Its fruit is sour but contains a lot of seeds inside. In Chinese tradition, people put this fruit onrepparttar 113384 bed ofrepparttar 113385 newly weds so as to helprepparttar 113386 newly weds to make many babies.

Maple trees in China represents old people who don't admit that they are old because these trees blossoms in autumn which is nearrepparttar 113387 end of a year.

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