Winter Bike Riding -- The Safe Way

Written by Kay Zetkin

Are you one of those motorcycle riders that live in northern climates where winters can be harsh and still choose to continue riding whenrepparttar bitter winter sets in? Well, everybody would say you’re dreadful to even consider riding out inrepparttar 135340 snow. Contemporaries who are more protective of their bikes might even say that you’re a brutal slave-driver of your beloved bike.

Winter is really a terrible season for motorcycle enthusiasts. Determined as you are to go on riding, survivingrepparttar 135341 harsh winters should be kept in mind to prevent any inevitable danger that would cause trauma for you and your beloved motorcycle. Remember that winter riding is notrepparttar 135342 time to boast of a great stamina and show off your toughness just by wearing extra clothing and driving roughshod over your bike like it’s any hot summer day. Precautions must always be taken if you plan to go out riding during winter. So how do you go about preparing your motorcycle and yourself?

For your motorcycle: •You need to get a windshield. Don’t ever think that twenty degree temperatures with severe wind chill factors are enjoyable enough for you to neglect having a windshield. •Make sure your motorcycle batter could standrepparttar 135343 strain of chilly blasts. Keep it charged and you can try to use Battery Tender for this. •Usingrepparttar 135344 proper oil for your motorcycle is also top priority. The 10w – 40w oil is sufficient enough. •For those with liquid-cooled bikes, make sure thatrepparttar 135345 reading onrepparttar 135346 anti-freeze is sufficient forrepparttar 135347 temperatures you’ll be expecting. •Make sure your bike has been thoroughly inspected for any mechanical problems before starting your ride.

Winter Season Come: Basic Steps to Winterize Your Bike

Written by Kay Zetkin

We know that motorcycle enthusiasts out there are knowledgeable enough in how to care for their bikes. Having a motorcycle and considering it as a prized possession is indeed tedious work. And here, we would like to share bits of information about several things that you may find really important, especially if you’re a motorcyclist from northern climates.

Northern climates motorcyclists experience dilemmas duringrepparttar winter season comes. Once winter approaches, they either takerepparttar 135339 option of continuing their motorcycle riding, not wishing to be apart from their motorcycles forrepparttar 135340 winter spell or they winterize their motorcycles and put it away until spring comes. Winter brings with it cold, icy, wet weather. These conditions do not bode well for your motorcycle’s condition and neither is it a great condition for riding your bike.

Every motorcyclist may have many different opinions on how to dorepparttar 135341 process of winterizing their motorcycles. Doing it is a matter of grave significance in order to restorerepparttar 135342 power and built of your motorcycle in order for it to be sturdy during its active lifespan. Once you have decided on putting away your bike temporarily asrepparttar 135343 winter sets in, here are several basic steps to winterize your bike and put your mind at ease forrepparttar 135344 rest ofrepparttar 135345 winter. •Even beforerepparttar 135346 winter sets in, check over your motorcycle for any mechanical problems. If you find something wrong, put it in repair immediately. •The engine oil and oil filter of your bike must be changed. After this, runrepparttar 135347 engine briefly so thatrepparttar 135348 oil can circulate completely throughrepparttar 135349 system. Try to avoid using used motor oil as it is contaminated with acids. Drain your float bowls by runningrepparttar 135350 engine, shutting offrepparttar 135351 fuel or lettingrepparttar 135352 engine use uprepparttar 135353 fuel inrepparttar 135354 float bowls.

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