Winning Your Prospect Through Effective Follow-up

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up! and Follow-up again. Here online people are most reluctant to just jump in and buy your offer first time around. They need to Know that you have their best interest in mind and not simply your own. Research shows thatrepparttar Key torepparttar 122606 sale is inrepparttar 122607 follow-up.

Here are a few ways to provide effective, sale closing follow-up: * A good Autoresponder which allows for 7-10 follow-ups ...highlighting whats in it for them'. Your prospects need to seerepparttar 122608 benefits to Them! * A Sales Letter with a call to action, but of passion and a genuine interest inrepparttar 122609 prospects success. * Established credibility with you. This can be through a ezine/newsletter or just frequent updated offering information of value. * Availability and timely response to their inquires. * Expression of a genuine interest in them and their success. * Honesty!

Back To Basics - Knowing Your Business

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Your objective in your MLM business, is to KNOW Your Business, to become an expert at it, a pro guide to your prospects. This isrepparttar most important thing you can do for yourself and your business BEFORE you start marketing.

Before you begin to seek prospects for any venture you NEED to first KNOW your product and/or service. This is absolutely critical if you expect to be successful. Your goal is to become a pro tour guide to your prospects, a leader of integrity to your down-line. Your success will largely depend on it!

Exactly what should you know?

* First, you should carefully read every web-page on your web-site. NO SHORT CUTS HERE! Why? Because knowing your business in and out will make you an expert of all that it offer. This allows you to confidently and accurately respond to your prospects and down-lines most commonly asked questions.

* If your opportunity offers a members area then by all means read everything inside that area. Know it! The members area is an important part of your web-site and just as important asrepparttar 122605 content on your home page. In many cases it can offer some key information for your success, which in itself can become a selling point for your opportunity.

* It is YOUR responsibility to help your down-line to build and if you don't know answers to commonly asked questions you not only lose credibility, but it makes you look foolish and inept.

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