Winning The Customer Through Weakness

Written by Ray L. Edwards

There is a saying in my country that goes something like this: "A fisherman never says that his fish is bad!" But should he if he wants to make more sales?

"Hype" has become a word that many online marketers are shying away from. Yet each person has his or her own definition of what constitutes hype. I just typed inrepparttar word "hype" at and here are two definitions thatrepparttar 143435 dictionary returned:

1. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: "It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job" 2. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: " [He] says that there isn't any energy crisis at all, that it's all a hype, to maintain outrageous profits forrepparttar 143436 oil companies"

Even from those two definitions we see that one indicates exaggeration which makes uprepparttar 143437 figure of speech called a hyperbole andrepparttar 143438 other suggests deliberate deception.

I think that most marketers will want to shy away from deceiving their prospects. From that perspective 'hype' will not just be wrong but unethical.

But what most people see as 'hype' normally involves a high-pressure direct selling sales letter that uses many superlatives and promises much more thanrepparttar 143439 product or service can deliver. For example, to makerepparttar 143440 purchaser rich overnight with little effort on their part and instant success and gratification.

This style of writing has become so popular onrepparttar 143441 internet that most people have become immune to such letters. The kind of sales copy that now stands out isrepparttar 143442 one that is more down-to-earth and shows a human side. By 'human side' I mean openly admitting torepparttar 143443 downside or faults of your wares.

This of course is a counterintuitive approach. Who wants to admit that they are selling 'faulty' products? In fact,repparttar 143444 real purpose of a sales letter is to get a sale not to drive people away. So, if logic and common sense hold true, you should show allrepparttar 143445 great benefits that your product or service offers. And be silent aboutrepparttar 143446 weaknesses.

But a big issue especially onrepparttar 143447 internet is a matter of credibility. And when you are willing to say that your product or service is notrepparttar 143448 perfect solution then your credibility just shoots throughrepparttar 143449 roof! You become believable and transparent and it shows that you have nothing to hide.

In other words, it's when you are weak that you are strong. Those words are taken fromrepparttar 143450 Bible story about Paul who prayed to God to take away his "thorn inrepparttar 143451 flesh" . His request wasn't granted but instead he was told that he is stronger when he is weaker. You see Paul was such a " perfect" Christian that he needed something to remind him that he was still human.

19 secrets to making your ad copy more effective

Written by Steve Dimeck

The sales letter isrepparttar key;repparttar 143363 sales letter isrepparttar 143364 key - echoes throughrepparttar 143365 Internet marketing mountains.

Ad copy, sales copy, sales letter, copywriting or whatever you want to call it repparttar 143366 goal isrepparttar 143367 same for every Internet marketing business. Getrepparttar 143368 traffic and convertrepparttar 143369 hits into cash. And how do you do just that? With an effective sales letter.

Let's find out how to make your sales letter more effective.

1. Create a "teeth-pulling" headline. We live in a headline society. Ignore this fact, and you lose. Withrepparttar 143370 overload of information, people don't haverepparttar 143371 time to stop at every webpage and read it. Instead, they userepparttar 143372 headlines to direct their attention. If your headline doesn't pull them to your sales letter, they may just pass by your information and off they go to your competitor.

In your headline, do something forrepparttar 143373 reader. Tell them how to solve a problem, ask them a question that will peak their interest, give them what they want, pull them by their "teeth" and tell them to sit down and read. Instead of saying: "Increase Your Profits," say something like: "How to increase your profits for a whole 50% inrepparttar 143374 next month," or "How would you like to see your profits increase for a whole 50% inrepparttar 143375 following month?"

2. Include a picture of yourself in your sales copy. That will show people that you're not hiding behind your website and you're not afraid to back up your claims.

3. Introduce yourself before you startrepparttar 143376 body of your sales letter. That way when you make a statement with an "I" people won't be scratching their heads saying: "Who inrepparttar 143377 world is this person telling me all this stuff?"

4. Make your ad copy an article or a report of some sort. Educate them or inform them of something related torepparttar 143378 product you're selling. Majority ofrepparttar 143379 people don't go online to spend money but to read free information. When your ad copy sounds like an article, they will not ignore it. That's because they will not getrepparttar 143380 feeling that you're trying to sell them something. At least not atrepparttar 143381 beginning. Your job will then be to slowly lead them to your sales link.

5. Be focused and talk to only one person with your sales letter. You and I. Just like when having a conversation. Have you noticed that I'm only talking to you right now and not a group of people?

6. Make sure thatrepparttar 143382 ad copy is "YOU" oriented and not full of "I's, me's, my's." Unfortunately, your potential customer has absolutely no interest in you nor your business or service. They don't care for you. Instead, he or she is preoccupied entirely with his or her own needs, wants, wishes, interests and so on. Concentrate on telling them what's in it for them and not you.

7. No copy is long copy. It could only get boring. You visitor will read until he or she gets bored. So, don't worry aboutrepparttar 143383 length of your ad copy. Keep it interesting at all times. It helps to ask someone to read it for you. How do you make it interesting? As long as you're greatly focused on your potential customer, they will be reading.

8. Have fun withrepparttar 143384 paragraphs. Don't write massive letters with no breaks in between. Make one paragraph with one sentence, next one with 2 or 3 and so on. And keeprepparttar 143385 sentences short and torepparttar 143386 point. Having massive paragraphs with run-on sentences discourages people from reading.

9. Makerepparttar 143387 sales copy "scanable." When people arrive at your page they usually scroll down and back up before they start reading. Along this "scanning" process, they will stop at everything that gets their attention. How do you make a page scanable?

Do anything that will breakrepparttar 143388 monotony. Have various different sub-headlines indicating what each section in your ad copy is all about. Highlight certain lines, make them bold, include bullet points, and so on.

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