Winning Sales Letters Always Build Rapport.- Here's How...

Written by Mike Jezek

Listen, wouldn't you love to haverepparttar power to influence people to listen to you, to your ideas, to your demands, maybe even give money to you? And maybe even create a loyal base of customers, fans, or friends? I know I would. So how do we go about that? One answer, my friend. Rapport. It's a technique not only used by sales superstars. Religious leaders, politicians and business leaders also use it.

How do we create rapport?

Here are a few methods for creating rapport:

Yes Sets/ Statements. In copy we can occasionally sprinkle a few statements that are obvious yes questions. For example: (You know it's important to learn this don't you?. /Isn't it a great time to start a business? /Going to college will give you an edge won't it. /You do want more excitement in your life don't you? /You deserverepparttar 100999 best things in life don't you.)

Adding a question mark as opposed to a period is still open for debate so use what you feel will be best for your situation. Againrepparttar 101000 point of this technique is to get Mr. Prospect agreeing with you and hopefully be put in a "yes" frame of mind so he'll be more open to saying yes to your offer.

Pacing/Undeniable Truths. This technique is similar torepparttar 101001 above mentioned technique. With undeniable truths you sprinkle your copy with statements that are obvious statements you and your prospects accept. A few examples: (As you read this letter you notice I put repparttar 101002 words unconditional guarantee in big bold letters. /Why have I sent you this two-page letter? /As you saw fromrepparttar 101003 statistics I listed earlier thatrepparttar 101004 rate is 6% now. /Remember what Bill Woods said in his testimonial? Well it can happen for you too). It's been said that you should use three to four pacing statements before you introduce a new thought that directs them to respond repparttar 101005 way you want.

Secrets of the most successful sites

Written by Alan Goodwin

What makes a site successful?

Discover how can you turn your website into a highly successful online business. There are millions of sites all trying to sell you something but statistics suggest that only 1% of websites are profitable. We have been looking at exactly what it is that makes a site successful - so that you can make sure you are one ofrepparttar top percent making huge profits.

Choosing what to sell… First you need to decide on a niche market. Research all your potential competition. Forget trying to compete withrepparttar 100998 likes of Amazon and CD sites. Try focusing on a niche market that you are familiar with.

Next you need to ensure thatrepparttar 100999 market exists for your chosen product. There are research tools that you can use to find this out. Have a look at and make use ofrepparttar 101000 overture search suggestion tool -

Building your site… Once you have built your site there are some important factors that you need to consider.

When a visitor finds your site, your page must load quickly - in less than 10 seconds. Cut down on flashy graphics to speed up your load time and make sure that all graphics are optimized.

As soon as your page has loaded you have about 6 seconds to convince your visitor to stay and look around.

Think about removing your logo. If you really want to use your logo, shrink it and put it to one side. More important than your logo is an opportunity to promote your site - highlightrepparttar 101001 benefits of your site, convince your visitor that it is worth their time to stay on your site and have a look around.

For example if you're selling magic tricks or party products, remove your logo and replace with powerful headlines, "Becomerepparttar 101002 Life and Soul of any party.."

That way your visitor knows exactly what you have to offer and you have given them a reason to stay on your site and motivated them to explore - already you are half way to a sale!

Using email addresses… As well as gaining sales, you also want to collect email addresses from your visitors. Encourage your visitors to sign up to a newsletter by offering them something in return -repparttar 101003 chance to win a gift voucher, discounts on future orders with you - use competitions, pop ups - anything you can.. Once you have an email address you can keep in touch with your visitor; use it as a promotional tool to advertise special offers and new products.

Be adventurous… Test and try absolutely everything. Be adventurous and try out new marketing strategies, look at your shipping costs, changerepparttar 101004 layout of your site…

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