Wine Tasting in Sausalito

Written by Marcy Roth

Sausalito , CA – Do you enjoy wine tasting, but dreadrepparttar long, crowded drive to wine country andrepparttar 148933 tedious car-hopping from winery to winery? Now you can jump onrepparttar 148934 ferry to charming downtown Sausalito and experience California’s premium wines at Bacchus & Venus, A Taste of Wine Country. The tasting room, retail shop and art gallery offers wines byrepparttar 148935 flight, byrepparttar 148936 glass and byrepparttar 148937 bottle every day from 11-7ish and later onrepparttar 148938 weekends. The friendly, knowledgeable staff will walk you through your selection of wines, or stroll upstairs to sip your Cabernet while enjoyingrepparttar 148939 art andrepparttar 148940 view ofrepparttar 148941 Bay and harbor. Proprietor Marcy Roth aims to featurerepparttar 148942 wines of ten exceptional California wineries;repparttar 148943 roster currently includes Cakebread, Domaine Carneros, Duckhorn, Grove Street, Miner, Quintessa, Rosenblum, Schramsberg, Silver Oak, and Starry Night. “By focusing on a select group of premium wineries, our staff is better able to tellrepparttar 148944 story of each ofrepparttar 148945 wines –repparttar 148946 winemaker’s philosophy and techniques,repparttar 148947 interesting aspects ofrepparttar 148948 terroir ofrepparttar 148949 vineyards whererepparttar 148950 grapes were grown, even

Radisson Seven Seas Cruises! Where Luxury Goes Exploring

Written by William Lezubski

Luxury goes exploring! How faithfully these words portrayrepparttar elegance, exemplary service and much-lauded itineraries, which arerepparttar 148888 very hallmark of Radisson's Cruises. Long ensconced inrepparttar 148889 upper niche of 6-star cruising, Radisson welcomes guests to its five eclectic, trend setting ships as old and valued friends!


Atmospheres are luxurious of course, yet there is alsorepparttar 148890 feeling of unpretentious informality and a relaxed conviviality, which quickly brings guests together. You are always in your element no matter which ship you select. No noisome crowds, no bothersome announcements interrupt.


Blissful, private cocoons scrupulously maintained by discreet hotel staff who seems to sense by osmosis when they are necessary.


Old World civility, Radisson's top to bottom insistence on uncompromising quality results in matchless service happily unobtrusive and defined in very personal terms. In restaurants servers are observant, never obsequious.


Naturally there are times when guests would prefer to savorrepparttar 148891 pleasures ofrepparttar 148892 table privately en suite, and so on all Radisson ships, 24 hour room service is available featuringrepparttar 148893 chef's entrées during dining hours and a select menu at other times.

In keeping with Radisson Seven Seas superior dining standards, cuisine is cosmopolitan and menus feature a potpourri of selections ranging fromrepparttar 148894 latest fusion creations to traditional favorites and a menu forrepparttar 148895 health conscious. All dining is splendid in flavor and presentation and wonderful gastronomic surprises are in store!

All ships have chic main dining rooms and fashionable alternative and specialty restaurants. The Signatures Restaurants on Voyager and Mariner are of particular note as Le Cordon Bleu chefs direct them,repparttar 148896 most prestigious culinary authority inrepparttar 148897 world. On select sailing's intensive 2-hour Classe Culinaire des Croisières these master chefs teach workshops.

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