Windows of the Soul

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

People engaged in kissing experience information and energy transfer, although we usually do it forrepparttar ‘buzz’ and don’t get intorepparttar 126106 science or mystique of it. A judgement is made and processed byrepparttar 126107 Thalami and brain. The Thalami likerepparttar 126108 Pineal gland are able to amplify all energy inputs and route them torepparttar 126109 appropriate place inrepparttar 126110 brain. Science is now onrepparttar 126111 verge of seeing whatrepparttar 126112 Third Eye ofrepparttar 126113 ancients knew. To help setrepparttar 126114 stage forrepparttar 126115 proper evaluation of information and events that will doubtless fall on many unbelieving minds at times; let me quote Herbert Spencer for you on this point.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

The Thalami are also in charge ofrepparttar 126116 endocrine system and a vital center forrepparttar 126117 immune system. It is through this psychic organ that healing andrepparttar 126118 soul operaterepparttar 126119 greatest magic of life on earth and potentiaterepparttar 126120 divine potential of each and every human as well as many other lifeforms. All people are psychic and have a responsibility to play a part of God's plan or purpose to harmonize and create. Hopefully when you kiss your sisterrepparttar 126121 hormones won't be allowed to function because of a tabu or blockage. Generally speakingrepparttar 126122 more alike you are genetically as well as in your brain wavelength ‘fingerprint’repparttar 126123 more affinity and real communication will happen. This research covers many modern disciplines butrepparttar 126124 most apparent truth is available inrepparttar 126125 University of Minnesota Twins study.

There are few people today who aren't living inrepparttar 126126 sociological denial ofrepparttar 126127 materialistic society brought about sincerepparttar 126128 Industrial Revolution. Thus many people will not be able to read this book. Others will allow their interior open-mindedness and belief in ESP orrepparttar 126129 secret knowledge of their own actual experience to carry them some way towards acceptingrepparttar 126130 'possibility'; of what they will read about an alchemist (or three).

Included inrepparttar 126131 make up of planetary systems are entity and event horizons that vary from planet to planet and throughoutrepparttar 126132 universe. These things are clear inrepparttar 126133 Chaos Theory and astrophysics that has gained momentum sincerepparttar 126134 Hubbell (also spelt Hubble) Telescope took a picture ofrepparttar 126135 center ofrepparttar 126136 'known' universe in 1999. Superstring Theory and alternate universes or worm holes and affinity channels some call Stargates joinrepparttar 126137 list ofrepparttar 126138 amazing things we must now consider.

The worlds of science are merged withrepparttar 126139 magic ofrepparttar 126140 past adepts beyondrepparttar 126141 writings of Nobel Laureates in physics you may have found exciting in your youth, as I did. Wigner, Schrödinger and his cat, Heisenberg 'Observed', and Capra has 'Tao-ed' a lot aboutrepparttar 126142 Mandukya Upanishads and S-Matrix math being linked withrepparttar 126143 I Ching (Tao te Ching). Soon science will know 'The Way' (Tao) made possible byrepparttar 126144 'white light'. NEC labs in Princeton, New Jersey produced 300Xrepparttar 126145 speed of light inrepparttar 126146 summer of 2000, inside a cesium chamber. This wasrepparttar 126147 missing ontological proof required to make evidence ofrepparttar 126148 necessary level required in science forrepparttar 126149 existence of 'psi phenomena'.

Beyondrepparttar 126150 wildest imaginations of quantum teleporting (Scientific American April 2000 Cover story) andrepparttar 126151 Big Bang, isrepparttar 126152 connection true 'love' brings. Thank you, Buddy Holly! John Lennon has 'Imagine’-d a new mantra forrepparttar 126153 quantum global village and a post-Modern Age that allows peoplerepparttar 126154 leisure time to contemplate what pre-Industrial Age Society already knew. When factories needed people to work long hours at machines they instituted education for all people, so that 'time clocks' could be punched and productivity could be measured. The prior travesties ofrepparttar 126155 Inquisitions and Dark Ages were relaxed in order to enable a greater control overrepparttar 126156 minds of people. "The past andrepparttar 126157 future can be changed."




Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

Fear is evil, without evil there would be no fear. Fear is like an icy hand. Whenever you are scared, there is something evil involved. Fear isrepparttar opposite of life, hope, joy, peace and love. Fear is man’s worst enemy and a terrorist’s best tool.

Fear is an invisible being that overpowers you. It squirms in your stomach and whispers in your ear. You cannot control your life. Fear makes you panic. You run as hard as you can without knowing where you are going. You ricochet off every object that stands in your way.

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