Windows Hosting versus Linux Hosting

Written by Calin Indre

The matter of choosing betweenrepparttar operating system (OS) runningrepparttar 105948 web server hosting your web site as old asrepparttar 105949 web hosting business. The OS controls allrepparttar 105950 functions ofrepparttar 105951 web server hosting your site, so it comes naturally to pay special attention when choosing one over another. But what are reallyrepparttar 105952 options you have?

Mainly you can choose between web hosting based on Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems. A brief description and analysis ofrepparttar 105953 different systems will narrowrepparttar 105954 list of options to only two.

Microsoft’s Windows server operating systems (NT/2000/2003) have a rather friendly and familiar user interface, making IT teams to easier in this aspect. Another plus is given by it’s excellent integration capabilities with other applications developed by Microsoft and let’s face it their range is absolutely impressive. The main key point of Windows based hosting is its support for .ASP (Active Server Pages) orrepparttar 105955 advanced ASP.NET. This language for web development was created by Microsoft to facilitaterepparttar 105956 creation of dynamic web pages linked to SQL databases. It also provides capabilities for integration with other systems.

It can be said that Unix isrepparttar 105957 OS that poweredrepparttar 105958 beginning ofrepparttar 105959 Internet era and due to his qualities is still used today. Linux OS was developed having Unix as starting point and this is howrepparttar 105960 two share many features. Todayrepparttar 105961 Linux version ofrepparttar 105962 Unix system is more common on web servers and this has to do withrepparttar 105963 higher licensing costs and withrepparttar 105964 rather specific hardware requirements for Unix. This is why we will continue with Linux only, but Unix is taken into account as well. Linux hosting has its strong points in fulfilling one’s requirements for a good web server and Web serving, file serving, mailing, and streaming are only a few. It proves itself is a very cost-effective choice from using hardware efficiently, and allowing an increased web sites per server ratio, this ultimately resulting in a decreasingrepparttar 105965 cost of hosting per account.

So here are our two choices Windows and Linux.


Inrepparttar 105966 past Linux OS were seen as more reliable over Windows. However withrepparttar 105967 release of Windows 2003 server Microsoft has gone a long way and closedrepparttar 105968 gap in this area. Linux servers are compatible with certain Microsoft extensions and applications andrepparttar 105969 same is true for Windows.

Web Programming

Even if trying to host a simple personal web site, your might want add some simple scripts to spice up your pages. The issue gets bigger when you are looking to host an e-commerce site supported by some serious server-side programming. So how are our two contenders doing in this aspect?

Free Web Hosting - Why Might It Be A Bad Idea

Written by Calin Indre

When talking about free anythingrepparttar legitimate question that first pops into your mind is why pay when you can get it free?

And as for free web hosting there are plenty of places to get it from. As spread as they are, if you are not a stranger torepparttar 105947 whole Internet experience, you might even have a web site hosted for free.

Are you satisfied with your provider? Is it everything you wanted? Probably not. Anyway it is true that is comes with no cost and no other aggravations… or are there any?

Free web hosting cost no money but what can you expect from one?

Your web site will be turned into an advertising machine that works forrepparttar 105948 free web host. Expect, banners, pop up windows, frames. They will all messrepparttar 105949 look of your web site in terms of design and accessibility for your visitors that might be literally flooded with popups almost after every click-through

You can't make advertising revenue of your web site, as most free web hosts don't allow it. This is not such a big issue when you are maintaining a personal web site, butrepparttar 105950 cutting-off advertising revenues can mean significant losses for a business. For this last case, only a paid web hosting solution might berepparttar 105951 right answer.

Very little space for your web pages. With free web hosting provider offering 5 to 15 MB of disk space, your site's expansion will severely restricted. Growing your web site aboverepparttar 105952 offered quota would result in transferring to a paid plan offered byrepparttar 105953 same hosting provider or finding a different paid web-hosting provider. In both cases you end paying for your hosting and you might loose traffic to your web site due to changing hosts.

No online store can go without secure server to enable secure online credit card processing. The great majority of free hosts don't support secure web servers. Customers fearing fraud and concerned about their personal information will make it impossible, at least very hard for an online store to survive on a free host. And anyway, have you ever heard of a successful online store hosted by a free web host? None will hear from yours either.

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