Window's Startup Modes for Troubleshooting

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Troubleshooting a Windows problem is a bit difficult whenrepparttar 107809 system freezes up orrepparttar 107810 display becomes unintelligible. You need a way to get Windows to bypass some of its complexity and bloat sorepparttar 107811 system can start, allowing you to perform troubleshooting. Windows provides several alternate startup modes just for that purpose.

To access these alternate startup modes, start your computer and immediately afterrepparttar 107812 startup beep, pressrepparttar 107813 [F8] key. The startup menu will display as shown below.

1. Normal 2. Logged (BOOTLOG.TXT) 3. Safe mode 4. Step-by-step confirmation Enter a choice: 1

Pressrepparttar 107814 number key for your choice and then pressrepparttar 107815 [Enter] key.

1. Normal allows you to get out ofrepparttar 107816 startup menu and resume starting Windows normally if you pressedrepparttar 107817 [F8] key accidentally.

2. Logged causes Windows to log its startup activity in a file named bootlog.txt inrepparttar 107818 drives root directory. Bootlog.txt will be a very long file. Open bootlog.txt with Windows Notepad or DOS Edit and search for a line that containsrepparttar 107819 word "failure".

If Windows freezes before completing startup,repparttar 107820 last line in bootlog.txt might give you a clue torepparttar 107821 cause ofrepparttar 107822 problem. You may find that one or more steps fail duringrepparttar 107823 startup process. Don't assume those arerepparttar 107824 cause of your current problem. Those steps may have been failing all along and you didn't know it.

3. Safe mode. This mode bypasses most startup configuration files, including most ofrepparttar 107825 registry. It starts windows without most ofrepparttar 107826 drivers. It loads only generic mouse and keyboard drivers and a standard VGA video driver.

Password Security - How Secure are You?

Written by Pencil Dude

Passwords - we use them every day, here in cyberland. They're used asrepparttar first step in identifying ourselves. Yes, we're allowed to logon to this network, because we haverepparttar 107806 pre-approved password. They're necessary for our online banking transactions and our online bill payments. Or yes, we're allowed to read this ebook, because we've purchased it and here's our authentication.

There's almost a gazillion instances where we use passwords but most of us don't think about how easy it is for our lives to be broken into because we chose such an easy password.

A recent survey reported byrepparttar 107807 BBC suggests that more than half of computer users never change their passwords, and many use words that can be easily guessed.

Common Passwords:

23% child's name 19% partner's name 12% birthdays 9% football team 9% celebrities and bands 9% favorite places 8% own name 8% pet's name

In my experience, other passwords that are common in North America include:

- Mother's Maiden Name - Social Insurance Number or Social Security Number (SIN, SSN)* - Favorite Colour/Color - The person's name andrepparttar 107808 current year

* Before I go any further, I should stress that using ANY of those ideas as a password is an extremely bad security risk. Furthermore,repparttar 107809 use of your SIN or SSN is particularly foolish as that can lead to identity theft. Inrepparttar 107810 U.S. alone, this problem is estimated to be somewhere around 700,000 to 750,000 victims a year.

The problem with using such easy common names for passwords is that hackers, and identity thieves have special programs, much like dictionaries that go through all ofrepparttar 107811 obvious common names, phrases and variations; they also go throughrepparttar 107812 dictionary itself, including "foreign" language dictionaries. Sooner or later, they'll get a hit - and BINGO they're in and can do whatever it is that they want to do.

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