Wind Farms and Corruption

Written by Doctor Edward C Hamlyn MBChB

There is only one reason that wind turbines will be built inrepparttar West Country.

Our Press has failed to tell its readers ofrepparttar 110080 corruption which stares us inrepparttar 110081 face, but is not seen as such. For example; The target to be met is to produce 10% of our electricity from renewable sources underrepparttar 110082 Kyoto Protocol. That has nothing to do with significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2010, whichrepparttar 110083 Government are permitting British industry to increase by 7.5% overrepparttar 110084 next three years.

The Rt. Hon. Mike O’Brien claims that economic expansion at a time of growth is far more important than bothering about CO2 emissions. Mr. O’ Brien’s sole concern is to increase by 10%,repparttar 110085 amount of electricity produced by renewable energy, inrepparttar 110086 form of wind farms.

The fact thatrepparttar 110087 creation and erection ofrepparttar 110088 requisite number of wind turbines will involverepparttar 110089 emission of far more CO2 thanrepparttar 110090 wind farms will ever reduce, is dismissed as being irrelevant. Such twisted logic is just pure corruption - But never mentioned byrepparttar 110091 Press. Nor isrepparttar 110092 vast financial gains to be made by seducing us into accepting these wind farms in our back yard. They will cost a lot of money and huge profits will be made. But unseen and unthought of, isrepparttar 110093 question; “Where will allrepparttar 110094 vast quantity of new money come from?”

Affordable Renewable Energy for Everyone

Written by Debra Lynn Dadd

Have you ever wanted to power your home or office with renewable energy, but thought it was too expensive? Or you didn't want to deal with installing and maintaining equipment?

Now there is a way that everyone can use solar, wind, and other renewable energies, at a fraction ofrepparttar cost. Even renters can power their homes with renewable energy.

Renewable energy certificates (aka green tags, green energy certificates, or tradable renewable certificates) make it easy and inexpensive for anyone to reduce or eliminaterepparttar 110079 environmental impact of their electricity use.

Each certificate representsrepparttar 110080 delivery of a specific amount of renewable power (usually one megawatt-hour) into a regional or national energy "grid." This replacesrepparttar 110081 non-renewable fossil fuels that would have otherwise been used with non-polluting energy from solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable sources.

Whilerepparttar 110082 renewable energy you pay for may not flow throughrepparttar 110083 wires in your own home,repparttar 110084 resulting overall benefit torepparttar 110085 environment isrepparttar 110086 same as it would be if you installed solar panels or wind turbines directly on your own property.

The certificates are purchased in addition to paying your regular energy bill. So it doesn't cost less than standard electricity, but it’s a small premium to pay to keep toxic pollutants produced byrepparttar 110087 burning of fossil fuels out ofrepparttar 110088 environment. And it supportsrepparttar 110089 market for renewable energy as a whole, which ultimately will bringrepparttar 110090 price down for renewable energy and make it more generally available.

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