Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul

Written by Lee Dobbins

They can be pretty to look at and soothing to hear, but did you know that that wind chimes also have healing effects? Just listening torepparttar tones ofrepparttar 143316 chimes can help calm your mind and release stress. Calming your mind,repparttar 143317 tones ofrepparttar 143318 chimes help to release all that stored up stress. This soothing effect helps open our spiritual awareness and has been used by many cultures for centuries.

As a Feng Shui cure, your wind chimes could help you gain luck and prosper. Metal wind chimes are recommended forrepparttar 143319 North, West and Northwest, Wood forrepparttar 143320 East, South and Southeast. For good luck, it is recommended to use chimes with 4, 6, 7, 8 or 18 rods. If itís bad energy to want to keep away, then go for a chime with 5 rods. For outsiderepparttar 143321 house, bamboo chimes are best.

You can hang wind chimes anywhere and on any type of hook - hooks sold for bird feeders work pretty good. Just make sure whatever hook you choose can supportrepparttar 143322 weight of your chime. Make sure you do not hang it too close to any structure as you want it to be free to flow inrepparttar 143323 wind. Or you can use a fancy hanger to add more interest. When hanging your chime, remember to pick a spot that is protected from strong gusts of wind to avoid damage to your chime.

Limiting Perceptions and Broadening Horizons

Written by Jesse S. Somer

A balance of "tunnel vision" and broad perspective are needed for human society to flourish.

If you live in modern society I'm sure at some point in your life you've sat in a window seat of an airplane looking down atrepparttar fluffy blanket of clouds and thought to yourself, 'Wow, it's so big and flat, fluffy and soft, I wonder what it would feel like to lay down on that super-soft mattress.' Well, think about what Socrates, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Moses or Mohammed would have thought if they sawrepparttar 142947 same sight that we pretty much take for granted as 'normality'. Last night I watched a show on TV entitled, "Limits of Perception" that showed our newly discovered microcosms and macrocosms of life with photography from atomic force microscopes up torepparttar 142948 Hubble telescope that looks out intorepparttar 142949 vast Universe. We can now see belowrepparttar 142950 level of atom, creatures one-tenth of a millimeter long that resemblerepparttar 142951 monsters of our dreams, and thousands of galaxies grouped together in super-clusters (each galaxy containing billions of stars like our own Sun).

As I watched this show I had to wonder aboutrepparttar 142952 way our human society has evolved. I mean, why wasn't this show seen by every person in our world? Imagine how much ignorance and beliefs to do with why people think they are different from each other would change in an instant. We would all know that we are each made of thirty trillion cells,repparttar 142953 same kinds of cells as everyone else, made fromrepparttar 142954 same kind of energy. Wouldn't this affectrepparttar 142955 way we treated each other, knowing we are all intrinsically made ofrepparttar 142956 same essence, not to mention that we all come fromrepparttar 142957 same one small home in an infinite Universe of worlds? Wouldn't this help us from feeling like an isolated species, knowing that every species on Earth is made ofrepparttar 142958 same elements and DNA, and that we are really not alone in space as we are actually surrounded by trillions and trillions of life creating fireball stars?

The funny thing is that I stumbled upon this TV show accidentally, unless of course you believe in destiny rather than random coincidence. TV is full of violence and crime these days, as we seem to have a real curiosity aboutrepparttar 142959 darker side of our natures. Butrepparttar 142960 truth is there are people out there who are making TV shows like this one with really positive perspectives, isn't it strange that most people won't have known it was even on? It was shown at 11:00 p.m. at night. Have we relegatedrepparttar 142961 magic of life to not-so-prime-time? It's hard to imagine whatrepparttar 142962 great minds of our ancestors would have thought and done withrepparttar 142963 information that we seem to take for granted. However, maybe there is a simple reason and subsequent solution to this issue that if we implement could really have huge positive impacts on our society and environment.

Recently a friend of mine gave me an abstract fromrepparttar 142964 website from a book called "The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life" written by an economist Paul Seabright. Let me tell you that I've always been a little skeptical about economics, except for when I was ten years old and greedily dreamed of being an accountant counting other people's money and subsequently counting my own. But things changed and I started to believe that all ofrepparttar 142965 degradation of our morality and environment had to do with economic policies and that greed that I knew all too well. Now I try not to look at things so black and white and realize that economics is just a natural process and although it has hurt our world when it has been abused, it has also helped humanity greatly when used responsibly. Today happiness and a high quality of life are being lived by many human beings, yet I think we still need to try and balancerepparttar 142966 scales by helpingrepparttar 142967 unfortunate people to become more productive.

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