Wind Chimes Go Great With Gardening

Written by Lee Dobbins

What could be more relaxing than gardening on a nice summer morning? Listening to your wind chime while you garden! Wind chimes are not only fun to look at but they add much more to your garden then just visual appeal.

Wind chimes have tones and vibrations that soothe and calmrepparttar mind helping to release all your stress. When you dig inrepparttar 143489 garden and connect withrepparttar 143490 earth, listening to your chimes tinkle inrepparttar 143491 breeze can help you also connect with your inner spirit. Chimes have been used for much more than just decoration for centuries. In fact, wind chimes are used in many Feng Shui cures. You can hang your chimes inside as well as outside, metal chimes are best for North, Northwest and West while wood chimes are best for South, Southeast and East. The number of rods can be associated withrepparttar 143492 cure you want. Use 4, 6, 7, 8 or 18 rods for luck and 5 rods to reject bad energy. Use bamboo for outside.

Of course, you should pick chimes that decorate your porch or garden area to your liking. Thereís plenty of styles and materials to choose from. I favorrepparttar 143493 chimes with a stained glass decoration on top that comes in all kinds of whimsical styles. If you are more traditional, you might go for a simple bamboo chime with an Asian flair. You can even get chimes that are hand tuned if you are really intorepparttar 143494 sound quality of your wind chime.

A Kids Tree

Written by Jason Canon

During my youth kids were required to pass through a tree climbing phase as part ofrepparttar transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager. Not just any old tree would do of course. The majestic oak was always a tower of strength butrepparttar 143343 limbs were too high up for it to be a good climbing tree. Likewise,repparttar 143344 tall pecan trees that grew in our yard would have required a chain of ladders just to make it torepparttar 143345 first limb.

Back towardrepparttar 143346 center of our property grew a very beautiful Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia Virginiana) tree. The leaves were bright green with an almost wax appearance inrepparttar 143347 sunshine. Insiderepparttar 143348 green foliage it was very easy to climb right torepparttar 143349 center trunk where numerous low hanging limbs were perfect for any size kid. It was so much fun to makerepparttar 143350 criss-cross climb acrossrepparttar 143351 various tree branches winding my way up as close as possible torepparttar 143352 top. Insiderepparttar 143353 foliage, cool air rustlingrepparttar 143354 leaves wasrepparttar 143355 only sound heard on a summerís midday. The beautiful, fragrant magnolia flower blooms were always a special treat in March and April. Only a kid knew thatrepparttar 143356 best views ofrepparttar 143357 flowers were from an inside tree limb looking out towardsrepparttar 143358 sun.

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