Will the Angels Abandon Us?

Written by Skye Thomas

If we don't behave according to a specific church's doctrine, will our guardian angels turn their backs on us? If we are struggling with our overall belief in God or we're questioningrepparttar validity ofrepparttar 122243 holy books, willrepparttar 122244 angels abandon us? What if we believe in God and inrepparttar 122245 Bible, but we just feel like screwing off for awhile? Will they desert us? Do we have to be good and pure and perfect in order for angels to look after us?

I can only speak from my own experience. I was not raised in a church because my father is an atheist and my stepmother just didn't care either way. I have always had a few paranormal gifts that would come and go without warning. In my studies and research to figure outrepparttar 122246 scientific understanding ofrepparttar 122247 paranormal, I found my own connection withrepparttar 122248 spirit world. I did not go out searching for guardian angels. They found me. They helped me with my studies and as a very skeptical person they've had to work very hard to prove to me that they were real and that they had my best interests in mind.

They have never left me. I have come to find signs overrepparttar 122249 years that long before they ever made their presence known to me, they were there looking over me. I had a rather wild and rebellious time during my late teens and early twenties. I absolutely did not believe in any kind of a god and I did not believe thatrepparttar 122250 Bible was anything more than a bunch of greedy power-hungry men's rules for keepingrepparttar 122251 rest of humanity under wraps. Nevertheless, for all my negative beliefs,repparttar 122252 angels watched over me. There are too many really stupid dangerous things that I did that should have killed me, too many times there is no other answer other than someone was looking over me and saving me from my own youthful choices. It wasn't until long after I'd calmed down and was behaving myself that they made themselves known.

I have spent a lifetime questioningrepparttar 122253 various religions, their churches, their leaders, their rules, and their lifestyles. I have never come to a rock solid conclusion that any of them are completely right or completely wrong. I may never know without a doubt that any one holy book isrepparttar 122254 one and only holy book. I personally have found a peace in knowing that all religions root in love. Love one another. Love yourself. Love your journey no matter where you are. My religious beliefs are a bit eclectic and I sort of like it that way. It works for me. I have no need to recruit anyone over to my beliefs because I can't even prove that what I believe is how it really is. My guardian angels have never ever left me because I question these things. They have never tried to convert me to any one religion. I getrepparttar 122255 sense that they know me well enough to know that it'srepparttar 122256 nature of me to question and explore.

You Are God

Written by John Cali

You Are God John Cali

A member of our discussion group recently asked this question ofrepparttar other members:

“Have any of you ever tried to go direct to Joseph or any other advanced spirit personally, without (an) intermediary . . . like John who has learned how to listen? 'Tis a fine line, but one that takes a lot of courage to cross, IMO. I sometimes think I am channeling but at other times I just decide I am really inrepparttar 122242 groove, creatively.”

It’s an excellent question, and one Joseph and I thought we should address inrepparttar 122243 newsletter.

Chief Joseph

None of you are ever disconnected fromrepparttar 122244 world of Spirit. We know you sometimes, or perhaps often, feel disconnected. But you never are.

You’ve heard us and others userepparttar 122245 term “All That Is” to mean God, Goddess, Great Spirit,repparttar 122246 Universe, etc. The term “All That Is” is one of our favorites because it clearly conveys our view of that divine, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful energy that rules all of creation.

All of creation is All That Is, God. Every being, human or non-human, physical or nonphysical, big or small, animate or inanimate, is part of All That Is, God. And it logically follows that all of you are also part of God. You are not only part of God. You are God.

So it’s impossible to ever be disconnected from who you are, which is God, Spirit.

Now, with that rather long-winded introduction, let us get torepparttar 122247 heart ofrepparttar 122248 discussion group member’s question. Which was, essentially, “Can you go directly torepparttar 122249 source?”

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