Will further release of studies on Paxil force GlaxoSmithKline to settle?

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A study that appeared inrepparttar July 21, 2004 Journal ofrepparttar 119282 American Medical Association appeared to support previous data possibly linking antidepressants to suicidal impulses. After looking at four drugs and nearly 2,800 British adults and children, there was evidence that suicidal thoughts or attempts were four times more likely duringrepparttar 119283 first ten days of treatment than they were after three months.

The FDA is investigating antidepressants and issued a public health advisory asking ten drugmakers to strengthen suicide warnings on labels earlier this year, including popular drugs Paxil and Prozac. On Aug. 26 GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Europe's largest drug maker, said it settled a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who accusedrepparttar 119284 drug maker last June of withholding safety data that had examinedrepparttar 119285 safety of prescribingrepparttar 119286 anti-depressant medication Paxil to children. When Paxil was compared to Dothiepen users, studies found Paxil users to have 29 percent more suicidal tendencies.

Do You Own Your Web Site Design?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

Your web site has been up for a few months and you are making money hand over foot. While surfing sites one evening, you are shocked to find a competitor using your design. You find out your designer sold themrepparttar same design. They must be breakingrepparttar 119281 law, right? It all depends on whether you ownrepparttar 119282 copyright to your web site design. Many site owners are shocked to find out they do not.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a method of protection for authors of original works such as literature, computer programs, music, artistic pieces and photographic images. The protection provided by copyright arises under Title 17 ofrepparttar 119283 United States Code. A copyright givesrepparttar 119284 ownerrepparttar 119285 exclusive right to do or authorize others to: reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, publicly display and generally userepparttar 119286 material that carriesrepparttar 119287 copyright in exchange for something, typically a royalty or fee. The copyright owner often grants this use through a license agreement, but can sell it outright.

Who Can Claim Copyright?

Copyright protection is created IMMEDIATELY uponrepparttar 119288 creation of a fixed form ofrepparttar 119289 material in question and granted torepparttar 119290 person that createdrepparttar 119291 material. For instance, I automatically ownrepparttar 119292 copyright to this article upon completing it. I am not required to file for an official copyright withrepparttar 119293 US Copyright Office to prove that I amrepparttar 119294 owner ofrepparttar 119295 content. However, if I want to sue a person for using my article without permission, I must first register it.

What If I Hire Someone To Create A Web Site For Me?

If you hire a person or company to handlerepparttar 119296 design of your site,repparttar 119297 complexities of copyright become a major issue for you. Specifically,repparttar 119298 issue of "work for hire" is critical in determining whether you ownrepparttar 119299 design.

"Work for hire" refers torepparttar 119300 relationship between your business andrepparttar 119301 person creating your web site. If this person is an employee of your business and createsrepparttar 119302 material within their scope of employment, then your business ownsrepparttar 119303 copyright. However, what happens whenrepparttar 119304 designer is not an employee? In such a situation,repparttar 119305 following must occur forrepparttar 119306 copyright to automatically transfer to you. The work must be specially ordered or commissioned for use as:

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