Will RSS Replace Email?

Written by Kent Thompson

RSS is a big buzz word right now, and this question has been popping up all overrepparttar place.

Will RSS ever replace email?

In short,repparttar 141891 answer is no.

RSS will never totally replace email because they each do totally different things.

RSS was designed for a totally different purpose than email, and technologically speaking, it would be impossible for RSS to do everything email can.

Consider this analogy: RSS and Email are like TV and telephone.

If you want to reach a broad audience of spectators, you userepparttar 141892 TV or RSS. Consumers like TV because they holdrepparttar 141893 remote and can changerepparttar 141894 channel at will. They have total control. Likewise they can an RSS feed at any time if they so choose, and instantlyrepparttar 141895 source of information is totally gone, never to return againstrepparttar 141896 person's will.

Email is likerepparttar 141897 telephone: You can email or call anyone based on their phone number or email address, and they can call you or email you back. Consumers like email andrepparttar 141898 telephone because ofrepparttar 141899 two-way communication. But withrepparttar 141900 two-way communication comesrepparttar 141901 possiblity of having annoying telemarketers and spammers along with it. And boy do they come!

To,cc or Bcc

Written by stephen Cope

Most people when sending email send usingrepparttar to line, some even venture torepparttar 140853 cc line (carbon copy) but very few venture intorepparttar 140854 realms ofrepparttar 140855 Bcc line (blind carbon copy).

The answer is usually because they are blissfully unaware ofrepparttar 140856 existence ofrepparttar 140857 Bcc line. Most email clients including Outlook Express and IncrediMail do not showrepparttar 140858 Bcc line onrepparttar 140859 default new email form when composing an email.

To Userepparttar 140860 Bcc line you must normally first enable it. These screen shots show how to enable Bcc in Outlook Express . The process for Incredimail is similar.

What isrepparttar 140861 Bcc Line and why Use it?

The Bcc line (blind copy)is used to send email to someone without other recipients ofrepparttar 140862 email being aware that it was sent to those recipients. It is effectively a way of hiding email recipients from each other. Its main use is when sending email to mailing lists ( email groups).

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