"Will It Be FREE Tomorrow?"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The Internet was first conceived as a "Galactic Network" in a series of memos, written by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in August 1962.

Licklider envisioned a globally interconnected series of computers through which anyone could quickly access data and programs from any site.

This wasrepparttar "seed" which allowedrepparttar 119121 beginning of a long process of experimentation and development that has evolved and maturedrepparttar 119122 Internet concepts and technology we take for granted today.

By 1985,repparttar 119123 Internet was already well established as a "new" technology that could support a broad community of researchers and developers.

This was made greatly possible byrepparttar 119124 military that fundamentally wanted a "communications" system that could operate even in a wartime environment. Other government agencies also recognizedrepparttar 119125 potential ofrepparttar 119126 Internet.

And, that communication ability, was beginning to be used by other groups for simple daily computer communications - Electronic Mail, better known to all of us as email.

Our federal agencies sharedrepparttar 119127 cost of common infrastructure, such asrepparttar 119128 all important transoceanic circuits which allowedrepparttar 119129 "network" to be truly global. They also jointly supported "managed interconnection points" through which networks connect to other networks and pass on info from one to another.

Perhaps this helped to fosterrepparttar 119130 Internet Spirit ofrepparttar 119131 FREE exchange of information and ideas.

This concept of FREE is as fundamental torepparttar 119132 Internet as air is for us to breathe. And for a good many years you were able to get just about anything Internet related for free.

10 Things You Should Know Before You Bid On A Business Product From An Online Auction

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Knowrepparttar value ofrepparttar 119120 product before you bid. Ifrepparttar 119121 product is brand new, check to see what price retailers are charging for it. Ifrepparttar 119122 product is used or reconditioned, you will want to pay way less thanrepparttar 119123 retail value.

2. Ifrepparttar 119124 product's description or picture isn't detailed enough for you, contactrepparttar 119125 merchant to get more information before you bid. You don't want to take a chance to waste your hard earned money.

3. Knowrepparttar 119126 highest price you will bid forrepparttar 119127 product and stick with it. Don't get caught up in a bidding war; you may end up paying more thanrepparttar 119128 product's worth. Don't forget to add inrepparttar 119129 shipping price with your bid.

4. Visit a few online auctions before bidding because some merchants auctionrepparttar 119130 same product in many auctions. You usually can purchaserepparttar 119131 product for a lower price in a unpopular auction because there are less bidders.

5. Knowrepparttar 119132 timerepparttar 119133 auction begins and ends. You also want to know how long it will take to ship. If you needrepparttar 119134 product by a certain date, you'll want to estimaterepparttar 119135 time it will take to receive it.

6. Knowrepparttar 119136 payment optionsrepparttar 119137 merchant accepts before you bid on their product. If they only accept checks or money orders, it may take even longer to getrepparttar 119138 product becauserepparttar 119139 payment has to clear. If they accept credit cards make sure they have a secure server.

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