Written by Bob Osgoodby

No, we're not talking aboutrepparttar wildfires inrepparttar 132038 western part ofrepparttar 132039 U.S., or not even something that can harm your computer.

Some times you will get an E-mail with a virus warning likerepparttar 132040 one that recently circulated onrepparttar 132041 web aboutrepparttar 132042 "A Card for You" virus.

Without checking to see ifrepparttar 132043 virus is real, many people immediately forwardedrepparttar 132044 note to everyone they know, and urged them to dorepparttar 132045 same. Many of them did so, and false information spread like wildfire aroundrepparttar 132046 web. This particular virus was exposed as a HOAX. If anyone had bothered to takerepparttar 132047 time and do a search on "A Card for You", they would have foundrepparttar 132048 web page at Symantec which clearly reports it as a HOAX.

The only thing you are accomplishing is to frighten people and cause unnecessary concern. In point of fact, you could unwittingly cause problems forrepparttar 132049 people you send them to, likerepparttar 132050 SULFNBK.EXE Warning did. This hoax urged people to search forrepparttar 132051 "sulfnbk.exe" file on their computer, and if it was found to delete it. Sulfnbk.exe, is a valid Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me utility that is used to restore long file names, and if you use any of these Windows systems, you will find it. This caused a lot of people to delete it, and then they had to scramble to restore it.

I recently received an E-mail outlining a persons experiences with viruses, and he urged everyone not to accept any E-mails with an attachment. He has set his mail reading program to automatically delete any message with an attachment. This is an over reaction. One ofrepparttar 132052 advantages ofrepparttar 132053 web isrepparttar 132054 wealth of information available onrepparttar 132055 net.

Much ofrepparttar 132056 information available includes files that are too large to read as E-mail, and are automatically converted to a file. These are text files and cannot hurt you, and neither can an image file.

Chicken Little Entrepreneurs

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Chicken Little is hurrying Umbrella 'neath her wing.

She thinksrepparttar sky is falling fast So goes to tellrepparttar 132035 King.

But, after she has spreadrepparttar 132036 news And all is told and said

The good old King just laughs at her And sends her home instead.

That is a very wise old King and I'd love him in charge now.

Technology vendors think they can saverepparttar 132037 world and they are using terrorism to sell snake oil to government and industry. Acting like Chicken Little, they run to government with a technology based "solution" to terror. But somehow our King, anxious to appear to be doing something about terrorism, agrees thatrepparttar 132038 sky is falling and buys her tech toys instead of laughing and sending Chicken Little home.

The following is a quote from a Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania interview with Tom Siebel of Siebel Systems, a manufacturer of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for big business.

"Tom Siebel has been attacked for his proposal to use Siebel software to sniff out terrorist plots. In February, Siebel told a Congressional committee that a specially tailored Siebel system might have deterredrepparttar 132039 Sept. 11 attacks.

"Security agencies can use this technology to maintain a 'logically' centralized although physically disparate consolidated view of terrorist-related information gathered from multiple sources and channels and make this information immediately accessible to authorized personnel inrepparttar 132040 homeland security network," Siebel testified. "This is not an opportunistic capitalization of tragic events. This is a combined effort betweenrepparttar 132041 U.S. government and private enterprise to avoid a repeat of September 11th."

He added that since November of last year, various government and non-profit agencies have purchasedrepparttar 132042 Siebel Homeland Security product to anticipate, track, prevent, and respond to national security threats."

http://makeashorterlink.com/?T59025701 (Free membership required to read, checkrepparttar 132043 privacy policy.)

Siebel Homeland Security product? Wow! Can I get a copy for my laptop and another for my PDA? Must be a hot selling item, and it's working like a charm, too. I wonder why it's not available worldwide, since it IS so effective? It seems that between Larry Ellison and his National ID database and Tom Siebel's Homeland Security product we've gotrepparttar 132044 problem of terrorism licked. But wait, it seems thatrepparttar 132045 hardware guys want a piece ofrepparttar 132046 snake oil action.

"If we had advanced (technology) tools in place prior to Sept. 11, it is almost certain that some ofrepparttar 132047 terrorists would have been detained and possibly some ofrepparttar 132048 plots would have been foiled," said a report from Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington research center associated withrepparttar 132049 Clinton-Gore administration.

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