Wikipedia Vs Britanica Encyclopaedia madness

Written by Yasir Ikram

Whenrepparttar information highway evolves into a planet of shared knowledge, there has to be a method torepparttar 147955 madness. Toward this end, wikis are revolutionisingrepparttar 147956 way we handle information.

WIKIPEDIA: Wikipedia is a web-based, free content encyclopardia that is a collaborative effort involving several volunteers. wikipedia currently contains 1.5 million articles, more than 570,000 if which are in its english language edition, while german edition boasts 200,000 articles. The Japanese and French editions house approximately 100,000 articles each. These articles are constantly edited and added to by volunteers primarily following a "neutral point of view" guideline.

BRITANNICA: By comparison,repparttar 147957 Encyclopaedia Britannica has only 80,000 articles hencerepparttar 147958 enormity of wikipedia alone is a clear measure of its success. wikipedia has more than 512 million word as of May 2005. Even taking every single revision of wikipedia into account, its entire database stands at only 35 gigabytes - they don`t even make hard drives that small anymore.

Getting Patched with Windows Service Pack

Written by Demetria Zinga

Are you one of those people that keeps track of recalls, just in case one of your most recent purchases gets recalled? Well, some of us do, but many of us donít.

For those of us who donít keep up with recalls in general, itís just as easy to be unaware ofrepparttar fact that Microsoft Windows offers us this wonderful service called a Service Pack, which is essentially a recall service for Microsoft Windows. Most people are not aware of service packs, what theyíre for, and how to use them. Letís talk for a minute about how service packs can help save or even lengthenrepparttar 147864 life of your PC.

First, youíll need to set up your PC to receive those service packs on a regular basis. This keeps your computer safe from hackers. Oftentimes, Microsoft discovers faulty code or loopholes inrepparttar 147865 operating system which also, unfortunately, gets detected by hackers. If your computer is not serviced and updated, you openrepparttar 147866 door for hackers to step in and take over.

They way to set up your service pack for automatic updates is to open your Control Panel, and then open System. You will then selectrepparttar 147867 Automatic Updates tab. You can also choose to have your updates downloaded but not installed automatically. Be sure to check this often to make sure you still have your automatic updates for service pack selected.

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