Why use multiple domain names?

Written by Richard Lowe

It's quite common for a site to be referenced by more than one domain name. In fact, most sites are referenced by at least two: a www version and a non-www version. These are usually set up to referencerepparttar index page on a site and producerepparttar 108298 same results for a searcher.

It could, however, be argued that these are these same domain names. Sorepparttar 108299 question remains: why would someone want to have more than one unique domain name for a single site?

Search engines - First, let's take a brief look at search engines. Inrepparttar 108300 past, it was a very common spamming technique to purchase dozens, hundreds or in some really gross cases, thousands of domain names, all referencing exactlyrepparttar 108301 same site. These were all submitted torepparttar 108302 search engines, and many of them were indexed and blindly added torepparttar 108303 results. This is how many questionable sites used to get top search results very quickly and inexpensively.

The search engines have apparently caught onto this technique. Atrepparttar 108304 very least, it has become common knowledge that this kind of spamming is not tolerated (sometimes common knowledge can be just as effective a deterrent as actual enforcement). I know that inrepparttar 108305 past it was normal to find many sites of different domain names but identical content in search engine results; today it's far more rare.

In fact,repparttar 108306 top search engine, Google, bases it's ranking scheme on quality of links. What this translates to is you must get popular (higher ranking) sites to link to your site to raise your ranking. Thus, it's a better strategy to get as many links to a SINGLE domain name than to many different domain names.

With this in mind, it's now considered best by most search engine optimization specialists (at least those that know what they are doing) to only list a single domain withrepparttar 108307 search engines, perhaps withrepparttar 108308 www and non-www version but nothing else.

Multiple entry points - One technique that I use on my own site with great success is to have multiple entry points, each it's own domain name. Let's consider a mythical site in order to illustrate how this works.

The site is about homemaking, and thusrepparttar 108309 main domain is "homemaking.com". Underneath this are sections about sewing, housecleaning and cooking. You might use "homemaking.com" for link exchanges and search engine submissions, then create three additional domains: "sewing.com", "housecleaning.com" and "cooking.com" (although if you actually managed to purchase those domain names you could resell them for quite a chunk of change).

Each of these domains would use a 301 redirect (this informs any search engine thatrepparttar 108310 page has permanently moved to a new location) to a specific page onrepparttar 108311 site.

Those three domains would then be used in different themed marketing campaigns. You might submit an article to a cooking site, for instance, which referencing cooking.com. For a newsletter about cleaning, you would use housecleaning.com. Each domain name is merely a shortcut torepparttar 108312 master domain, but it is much more targeted than "homemaking.com".

Protection - If you own a business, it's a great idea to think of some ofrepparttar 108313 derivations of your site name and purchase those as well. Thus, if you had a company named "xyz", you might also purchase "xyzsucks" and "ihatexyz" as well. You may as well direct these to your site, but be sure to include 301 redirects, as you definitely do not want them in search engine indices.

Typos - Sometimes people misspell things, and domain names are no exception. Knowing this, you can get some respectable traffic by purchasing common misspellings for your domain name. Just remember to userepparttar 108314 301 redirect method so these misspellings are not listed inrepparttar 108315 search engines.

Other TLD's (Top Level Domains) - If possible, it's a good idea to getrepparttar 108316 .com, .net and .org version of your domain at a minimum. I tend to getrepparttar 108317 .us (or whatever country is appropriate), .info and .biz versions as well. This ensures that no matter what people type they will get to your domain. Of course, remember to 301 redirect these domains so they don't get listed.

For branding purposes, it's essential to getrepparttar 108318 other TLD's if you can. If you don't you may be embarrassed to find some pornographic or casino site has purchased your name with a different TLD. The white house site (whitehouse.gov) is a classic example:repparttar 108319 .com version has nothing to do withrepparttar 108320 white house (if you type this URL, be sure your kids are not present).

Other TLD's with different content - In a slight alteration of repparttar 108321 above method, I have purchasedrepparttar 108322 additional TLD's, but made each one slightly different. To userepparttar 108323 above housecleaning example, housecleaning.com might be a page about housecleaning in general, housecleaning.us might index articles specific to repparttar 108324 United States, and housecleaning.biz may include information related to housecleaning businesses. Each of these is just a page or two, and links back torepparttar 108325 main housecleaning.com domain.

The In's and Out's of Pre-Owned Domain Names

Written by Richard Lowe

I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems like all ofrepparttar best domain names have already been taken. On more than one occasion, I've come up with a great domain name for a site, only to find that someone else had already purchased it. I can live with that, but sometimes I've found that it has been purchased by some scum domain scavenger, and that's really annoying.

A domain scavenger is someone who purchases a whole bunch of domain names underrepparttar 108297 theory that people will want to purchase some of them duringrepparttar 108298 year or two that they own them. These people are bottom feeders, as they hold many useful domains, demand huge prices, and do not provide any real value. It's not uncommon to find that a domain name is not available, to check repparttar 108299 WHOIS information and find it is owned by "this domain is for sale". In fact, some of these scum have been known to purchase thousands of domain names made of uprepparttar 108300 first and last names from a phone book, inrepparttar 108301 hopes that at least some ofrepparttar 108302 people will want their names as a dot com.

Anyway, domains are only purchased for a specific time period, and they do come up for renewal regularly. Quite often they are not renewed, and at that timerepparttar 108303 domain names may be purchased by others. Evenrepparttar 108304 so-called "good names" are occasionally not renewed.

Sometimes domain names do not get renewed becauserepparttar 108305 business that owned them is no longer operational. Sometimesrepparttar 108306 business still exists but has found it no longer wants or needs a domain name. Quite oftenrepparttar 108307 bottom feeders will allow their unpurchased domain names to expire because they don't haverepparttar 108308 funds to purchase them again or they feelrepparttar 108309 domains are no longer marketable or profitable.

Occasionally,repparttar 108310 domain name holder has died or lost interest in their business orrepparttar 108311 internet. Once in a while a domain is allowed to expire because it has attracted some maliciousness and it cannot be maintained, and most often of all,repparttar 108312 domain name holder simply does not realize that it needs to be renewed. In this last instance,repparttar 108313 domain name is unintentionally expired and someone can purchase it beforerepparttar 108314 owner realizes it.

In any event, regardless of why a domain name expires, you can often find yourself in a position to purchase one that has been previously owned. Note that in addition to expired domains, you can also purchase domain names onrepparttar 108315 after-market (by making bids) or fromrepparttar 108316 domain name resellers (the bottom feeders mentioned above).

Some Advantages Of Using Pre-Owned Names

The name was part of a link exchange - Webmasters work hard to get their sites involved in link exchanges. This meansrepparttar 108317 domain names are listed on other sites, and this is useful for getting traffic. If you take over a domain name, you can inherit these incoming links andrepparttar 108318 resulting traffic.

It was listed in Yaho, DMOZ and/or Looksmart - A small industry has sprung up recently, which consists simply of selling tools and reports to allow people to quickly find domain names which are listed in Yahoo, DMOZ, Looksmart or other directories yet have expired. By expiring, these domain names are up for grabs, and all ofrepparttar 108319 resulting benefits forrepparttar 108320 original site transfer torepparttar 108321 new site. For a well placed entries, this can literally mean hundreds of thousands of hits per month.

There are hundreds of thousands of sites listed in Yahoo and millions in DMOZ. Anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred expire each month. Eventuallyrepparttar 108322 expiration would be discovered andrepparttar 108323 entry removed. However, if someone purchasesrepparttar 108324 domain name quickly enough,repparttar 108325 entry will remain and you will gain that traffic.

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