Why use an air ratchet wrench?

Written by Jason Miller

I must admit that at first I thought an air ratchet was a poor man's impact wrench. I couldn't have been more wrong! Basically an air ratchet wrench is more powerful version of your trusty handheld socket set. However, after using this air tool a few times, you be tempted to throw that old socket set inrepparttar trash. A 3/8" Ingersoll Rand air ratchet wrench is great tool to start with in your collection. You can get this tool into tight places in your car and get those tough nuts loosened. I remember many bloodied knuckles trying get some leverage on my hand held socket set. Those days are over

The Last Of The 455 Pontiac Trans Ams

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

Those of us lucky enough to be around inrepparttar 70s when this fantastic car came out drool every time we think of it. Imagine getting a car fromrepparttar 150549 factory with a 455 cubic inch engine in it!This car kicked butt! Then if you did some work, like we did to ours, as in havingrepparttar 150550 engine blue printed, balanced and a lot more, it did even better. Let’s just say it was doing much better then one horsepower per cubic inch!

This wasrepparttar 150551 era of Smokey andrepparttar 150552 Bandit movies. Good ole boy Burt Reynolds drove a black Trans Am inrepparttar 150553 movie and everyone and his uncle all of a sudden wanted one. Of course, by that timerepparttar 150554 ones they were selling were watered down versions with no where nearrepparttar 150555 power ofrepparttar 150556 original ones.

Since we’re not sure ofrepparttar 150557 statute of limitations, let’s just say that any stories are assumed to start “Once Upon A Time”.

One of our favorite stories is when we eere getting onto Sunrise Highway late one evening and a Camaro rolled up next to us and started revving his engine, well you can imaginerepparttar 150558 rest.

Here was a poor soul who had not a clue of what was in store. Since we do not believe in street racing, it was a good thing we were both going ontorepparttar 150559 entrance ramp. Once we were satisfied that no one was onrepparttar 150560 parkway at that time of night, we letrepparttar 150561 Beast Out To Play. We never did see any more then his fading headlights.

One ofrepparttar 150562 funniest moments was when we lived in upstate NY and my husband went torepparttar 150563 store to pick something up and this guy in a Mustang 2 pulled up next to him and my husband had some fun(hey, we are all entitled sometimes). As Chuck tells it: You see at that time a local car dealer was running a TV spot featuring a Mustang 2 just destroying a Trans Am. So this gentleman pulls up next to me, gunning his engine for all he’s worth. The light changes, he chirps his tires and flashes me a big grin as he takes off. Well, I idle away fromrepparttar 150564 light,give it just enough gas in first to pull even with him, then droprepparttar 150565 hammer, lighting up both tires, throw second, light them up again and then ease off. Drive downrepparttar 150566 road torepparttar 150567 store.

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