Why to register md-domains

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

What is .md? .md isrepparttar web address that identifies you, your company or your organization withrepparttar 108249 healthcare industry. Thousands of professionals and companies inrepparttar 108250 healthcare industry are already utilizing .md for their branding and marketing efforts, including some ofrepparttar 108251 world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. .md is a valuable and unique asset that can be used as an intuitive and dynamic communication tool. ·.md isrepparttar 108252 perfect web address for medical professionals and healthcare companies ·.md is a permanent professional address ·.md is a dynamic communication tool and distribution channel for participants inrepparttar 108253 healthcare community ·.md may be used to protect your brands and trademarks to prevent international cyber-squatters from purchasing your domain names and using them for other purposes ·.md may be used as a unique, intuitive, and available promotional tool to market prescription and OTC drugs

.md Focus: Healthcare

We are developing an Internet domain forrepparttar 108254 global healthcare community where participants inrepparttar 108255 healthcare sector can acquire valuable .md domain names that correlate precisely withrepparttar 108256 marketing of their core business practices and new products. .md permits corporations and individuals to establish a unique Internet presence that carries an automatic, intuitive association with healthcare and other medical services and applications.

1-800-Get-Rich Can Toll Free 800 Number Domains Pay Off?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine © October 28, 2004

The toll free number 1-800-Get-Rich belongs torepparttar Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Perfect vanity number for a casino, right? Well apparently not. Their website showsrepparttar 108248 actual numbers, 1-800-438-7424 forrepparttar 108249 marketing department of Resorts Atlantic City. Those NUMBERS are nowhere near as memorable as isrepparttar 108250 mnemonic device of letters representing those numbers onrepparttar 108251 telephone keypad. It makes you wonder, didrepparttar 108252 casino have bad luck (no pun intended) or receive bad publicity for their 800-Get-Rich phone number?

Doing a Google search for 1-800-GET-RICH returns several spoof articles usingrepparttar 108253 toll free number to make light of get rich quick schemes. Seems as well suited to a casino as to satire, since gambling representsrepparttar 108254 ultimate get rich quick scheme.

But onrepparttar 108255 web there's a another element to toll free numbers you must consider. 800 numbers are used as domain names which seem to stick in our memory as a web address just as well as a phone number. Resorts Atlantic City Hotel Casino should buyrepparttar 108256 domain name www.1800getrich.com and assign that marketing department toll free 800 vanity number torepparttar 108257 Casino.

The domain name is for sale as of this writing if you visit that web address. You can be certain thatrepparttar 108258 current domain owner knows thatrepparttar 108259 toll free vanity telephone number is owned by Resorts International Hotels www.resortsac.com which matchesrepparttar 108260 domain www.1800getrich.com. It has to be enticing to think a large corporation may want his domain.

The casino ownsrepparttar 108261 toll free number but isn't usingrepparttar 108262 mnemonic for it. Makes you wonder aboutrepparttar 108263 history ofrepparttar 108264 domain name, since WHOIS records show it was reserved only this past May of 2004, ANDrepparttar 108265 history ofrepparttar 108266 vanity number since it is going unused, at least onrepparttar 108267 web site. Hmmmm...

There are vanity phone number resellers online that actually specialize in providing 800 numbers with matching domain name for those seekingrepparttar 108268 consistent branding for their business. Clearly this is simply a marketing ploy by savvy 800 number vendors, as those domains may be full of hyphens and may cost more than they should due torepparttar 108269 perception of value-added.

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